Vicki Burns

VickiBurnsIt is an incredible experience to interact with the living God. Amazing to know it for a fact and see it confirmed in the faces of those around you! Where our stubborn hearts yield control and acquiesce to the will of the ONE who made us is the sweetest experience this life has to offer. It is indeed, where I want to live.

We are flawed, divine beauties who constantly go astray. Gratefully, we have a Christian community where we hold one another prayerfully accountable in our progress as we run this race set before us. I delight in the glimpses of God’s glory being revealed in those with whom I am running. What joy! So hop into this race and share with us all the good things God is doing for you even though it may be being revealed midst the muck and mire of life… as per usual.

I have known the horrors of traumatic childhood sexual abuse, spiritual abuse (in the form of a cult) and the various other abuses of a dead and dying world we all are likely to experience in this life’s journey. BUT! I am also being redeemed, healed and made newer than new through the life, words, death and resurrection of a savior…THE Savior of the world, Jesus Christ my Lord! He is my constant Companion even as I fail Him daily.

I am wife to my one husband and close friend of 38 years, mother to 3 incredible children who hold my heart more than they’ll ever know, two beautiful, intelligent daughters-in-law and two grandchildren (one on the way!) who constantly show me how to just be a child in the kingdom of God. I am blessed beyond measure! And I struggle everyday until I find my rest in Him.

I regret not staying in the Word every day. I experienced a 3 year honeymoon with the Lord in His Word from around 25-28 years old but let my zeal die. I neglected my First Love. I am now 58 and have only recently gotten reacquainted with the pure joy of knowing His delight when I seek Him daily…even hourly, midst the chaos that can be my life. Go ahead. Take a peek. Open your mind and heart to hear with love, what the Lord is saying to us. Join in. Discover One Thing…because, there really only ever was…ONE THING!

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