Kelley Deases


As those close to me can attest, brevity is not my strong suit. I am a talker and love to share stories over a cup of coffee or a game of Scrabble with my friends or family. But I’ll try to keep this short and just touch on the highlights.

The oldest of three siblings, I was raised in a Christian home by amazing parents who have been married 47 years to date. I first accepted Christ as a child when my mom sat down with me and helped me pray the salvation prayer.  In junior high, following a powerful experience at a church camp, I came home and was baptized.  Fast forward through high school, college (senior year in England), law school, marriage, and the birth of my firstborn son, it was not until my first husband chose to leave me for another woman, that I cried out to God from a place of utter brokenness, hurt, and desperation.  This began my journey of seeing God meet me, heal my heart, and provide for me and my young son. I had a new longing to know Him better.

Almost eight years after my divorce, God brought an amazing man into my life and I remarried.  A couple years later, I was blessed with another son. So different in my second-chance life to trust His timing and submit to His ways (Prov. 3:5-6).  I guess the “next big thing” in terms of my walk with the Lord was being introduced to The Divine Mentor, and finally experiencing what it is to have God speak to me, personally, through his Word and processing and responding to it through journaling. I regret that it took me so many years to experience this new level of intimacy with Jesus, but I am overjoyed to have mined this hidden treasure.  So my heart behind wanting to be involved in this blog is to share this amazing gift that was shared with me: that I could meet with the Almighty on a daily basis and converse with Him one-on-one.
  1. Hi Kelley. This is Pat, Pasquale and Talitha’s dad. Here is a link to the conference I was telling you about. It’s an awesome conference. The Discover One Thing team would get a lot out of it.

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