Scripture Art


Carrie Newell believes that Gods word is powerful, and amidst our daily lives, we can get distracted by many things.  So, its become her mission to get scripture in the form of art, into peoples’  homes everywhere! Its great inspiration for the adults in your home, your children, and every guest that stops by.  This is a sampling of her art…visit her etsy shop HERE to view her entire line of custom Scripture art, custom order colors to match your decor, or to custom order *your* favorite verse!



phil-3-13be   phil-4-13w    phil-4-8w    jeremiah29 11etsy



Restless etsy


hebrews11 1 web

Romans8 37 39copy

psalms127 3sample

psalm73 26 sample
psalm45 11 etsy     psalm 28 7  Isaiah40 28sample   iamHIS etsy

Galatians5 22 23etsy

   eph3 20etsy   1thess5-1618-web   1cor13 8etsy    1cor2 9blog   proverbs3 5 6 etsy    
Luke10 42blog






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