Start Your Own SOAP Group!

Did you know that Discover One Thing started in a living room, over coffee? The most encouraging thing about our coffee time together is hearing how The Word speaks to each of us personally.  Something powerful happens when believers come together to share their discoveries – it motivates each of them to continue seeking His Truth daily by reading the Bible for themselves.  That is why we have put together a simple guide to help you set up your own SOAP Group.  “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” Romans 1:12 (NLT).

A group can be any size (2? yes! 10? yes!) and can meet anywhere (online, in your living room, at a coffee shop, at the park, on a walk…). Accountability and encouragement is awesome, especially when starting a new habit. Here’s everything you need to facilitate your own group!

Starting A SOAP Group

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