Reading Plans

“Start small, but start now!” ~Wayne Cordeiro

Sometimes the hardest part about reading the Bible is knowing where to start and what to read, but where you start isn’t as important as simply starting! To help you on your journey, we’ve created several various reading plans that will fit your schedule. There are reading plans for the entire year, plans for 3-6 weeks, or 90-days.

Pick a reading plan, grab a couple friends, and SOAP together!

Additional SOAP Group resources


365-Day Reading Plan

Discover One Thing Reading Plan (The Entire Bible in 365-days) Life Journal Reading Plan (OT once, NT twice)

Monthly Reading Plans

The following reading plans were formatted using the same portions of Scripture as the Life Journal plan, but making it easy for you to start wherever you feel comfortable. A little spiritual food will make you hungry for more! Start with a SNACK if you’d like, it’s just 1-3 verses per day. Hungry for more? Move on to a… Continue reading Monthly Reading Plans

3-6 Week Reading Plans

Here are several different 3-6 week reading plans. Each has been designed to meet your schedule and needs. Simply select the desired length of your study to access reading plans.

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