Reading Plans

Discover One Thing Reading Plan


“Start small, but start now!” ~Wayne Cordeiro

We can relate physical hunger to spiritual hunger. Most of us do not need to work at cultivating our physical hunger, it comes quite naturally. In fact, many of us need to work on curbing our physical appetite (for all kinds of physical pleasures). We eat too much and the wrong things. The longer we go without eating food the more hungry we become!

Spiritually, however, we DO need to cultivate our appetite. We eat too little and the wrong things. Unfortunately, going without spiritual nutrition does not make us more hungry. The longer we go without soul food our spiritual appetite deadens. We become spiritually complacent and indifferent. Growth stops. Spiritual hunger does not come naturally, it requires intentional effort. The good news is that spiritual nourishment actually stimulates your appetite and hunger for more. To cultivate your spiritual hunger, you need to feed your spirit. So, start small, but start now! FEED YOURSELF!

We want to help you get into God’s Word however it feels most comfortable! Pick a book, grab a couple friends, and SOAP together! Read as much as your group is comfortable with. If you have no idea where to start…the Gospel of John is a great place. Once you get going and you’re ready, then jump in on the full plan and go through the entire Bible in a year with us. Start small, but start now!

The plan we use goes through the entire Bible in one year:

Discover One Thing Reading Plan

Because one size does NOT fit all…

Other reading plans

Yearly plan (OT once, NT twice): Life Journal Reading Plan

Abbreviated yearly plan: First Steps Reading Plan

Snack, Meal, Feast!

The following reading plans were formatted using the same portions of Scripture as the Life Journal plan, but making it easy for you to start wherever you feel comfortable. A little spiritual food will make you hungry for more! Start with a SNACK if you’d like, it’s just 1-3 verses per day. Hungry for more? Move on to a MEAL which is a chapter or 2 daily, and is the First Steps Plan. Have a voracious appetite for God’s Word? Then join us for a FEAST, the full Life Journal Plan which takes us through the entire Old Testament once and New Testament twice per year. Each plan is in the same portion of Scripture daily so the whole family can read together!

Reading Plan January

Reading Plan February

Reading Plan March

Reading Plan April

Reading Plan May

Reading Plan June

Reading Plan July

Reading Plan August

Reading Plan September

Reading Plan October

Reading Plan November

Reading Plan December

THREE week reading plans:

3 weeks through Romans

FOUR week reading plans:

4 weeks through Mark

4 weeks through John

4 weeks through Acts

4 weeks through Romans

4 weeks through 1 Corinthians

4 weeks through 2 Corinthians

4 weeks through Galatians

4 weeks through Ephesians

4 weeks through Philippians

4 weeks through Colossians

4 weeks through 1 & 2 Thessalonians

4 weeks through 1 & 2 Timothy

4 weeks through Hebrews

4 weeks through James

SIX week reading plans:

6 weeks through Matthew

6 weeks through Mark

6 weeks through Luke

6 weeks through John

6 weeks through Acts

6 weeks through Romans

6 weeks through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians

Other/seasonal plans:

90 Days through the Gospels




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