February 16, 2019 Exodus 33; Psalm 16; Matthew 16

“There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42 (NLT) The heart of this ministry is to inspire a love for God’s Word and encourage the discipline of daily Bible reading and SOAP journaling. These are a few of our SOAP notes from today’s reading. We encourage you to read and journal on your own first, then join us in conversation about what God revealed to YOU today. Click HERE to go directly to the daily reading if you wish.

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The Gift of Your Presence | Kimi Miller

S~ Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here…What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?” Exodus 33:15, 16b (NIV)

O~ God was going to send His angel before the people (Ex. 32:34), but He was not going to go with them (Ex. 33:3). Moses replies that if He doesn’t go with them, Moses isn’t going.

A~ This is right where I am; I’ve been here before, but this time, I’m safeguarding this space. I want to remain in Your Presence. I don’t know what my future holds, I feel some “baby” dreams being birthed, and I’m excited about seeing them grow, but I have resolved in my soul, if You aren’t going with me, I’m not going. I would give up all my dreams – my promise land – if it meant losing Your Presence.

Your Presence is my promise land! It’s where my soul is cared for. It’s where I find my value. It’s where everything else pales in comparison to Your glory. It’s in Your Presence that my soul finds rest and refreshment; where my fears are cast away; where my hope resides; and where my joy comes alive. It’s where I find real love.

P~ Holy Trinity, what a gift You give – the gift of Your presence. To be in Your Presence is where it’s at, because it’s where You are – and there’s nothing like it. Thank You, God. What can I say, but… “I love You, too.”

Your Presence | Joni Tyner

S~ You will show me the way of life,

Granting me the joy of your presence

And the pleasures of living with you forever. Psalm 16:11 (NLT)

O~ David wrote this psalm.  My Bible says the theme is the joys and benefits of a life lived in companionship with God.  We enjoy these benefits now and eternally.

A~ A few days ago we had gathered together as friends and fellow writers in the Discover One Thing team.   We often share what we are learning in our own personal time and Kimi shared an experience in which she was initially frustrated by a disappointing circumstance.  She then realized that it was because she was focusing on the problem and taking her eyes off of Jesus.  She said that when she keep her eyes on Jesus, life problems and inconveniences seem pale and unimportant.  This verse reminded me of what she said.  There is deep, abiding joy when we are seeking to be near the Lord.

P~ Dear Lord, thank you for pursuing me and giving me joy—it completely comes from  You. I ask that You would continue to guide my steps and fill me with Your peace.

Deny Myself | guest post

S~ If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. Matthew 16:24 (NIV)

O~ These words of Jesus cause me to stop and reassess my life.  Jesus spoke this truth to the disciples, the people who were already following after Jesus, and they were the ones instructed to carry their cross.

A~ There is one relationship that I have been struggling with for over a year.  I want to write out all the gory details about what is so frustrating, but it doesn’t matter.

When I let the truth of Scripture soak my thoughts about this relationship; maybe it’s time to deny myself the right to be right, deny myself the act of justifying my case to anyone who will listen, take up this challenging relationship and follow Jesus.  Even though it is frustrating, even though I’m right.

A sweet friend encouraged me to look at my life in relationship to what Jesus has done.  Jesus is always right and always does the right thing, yet He still picked me to be a part of His family and He continues to forgive me when I sin.  Jesus went to the cross to take care of my sin, my shortcomings, my hang ups.  Letting go the right to be right in this particular relationship will be ok.

P~ Abba, it’s so easy to say to deny myself.  Actually denying myself and carrying my cross is much more difficult.  I’ve been flailing the last year in this relationship, please help!

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