August 26, 2018 Job 25; James 2:1-13

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Be Merciful (especially to difficult people) | Kim Chipman

S~ There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be merciful when he judges you. James 2:13 (NLT)

O~ James is warning against prejudice and favoritism. He wraps up with this reminder…BE MERCIFUL.

A~ I’ve recently spent time with some pretty critical people. On the surface everyone appeared to be getting along just fine, but as time passed and different people in the group shared their private thoughts I realized this was not as purely blissful as it appeared. There was so much internal criticism and judgment of how others did things it made my stomach hurt.

A pastor friend of mine, Lance Burch, has shared on multiple occasions the importance of believing the best of people. I thought I did, but as his words ring in my thoughts during conflict or hurt feelings I realize I have work to do in this area. When I don’t understand someone – believe the best (show mercy). When my feelings are hurt and my thoughts are a mess – believe the best (show mercy). When I’m hurt and have explained myself but the other person doesn’t understand or appear to even care to – believe the best (show mercy). When I desire something from a relationship and it can’t/won’t/isn’t happening no matter how much I try and invest – believe the best (show mercy). When I feel unappreciated and taken advantage of – believe the best (show mercy). When the other person doesn’t deserve forgiveness and I absolutely don’t want to give it – believe the best (show mercy).

When I meditate on the mercy that has been shown to me by my loving, heavenly Father…I don’t deserve it (I really, really don’t)…as I sit and marinade in His amazing grace…such a gift! How can I help but extend the same love – and be merciful – to others? Maybe they don’t deserve it…but I don’t either! And living in this heart place of believing the best is much more peaceful than living in a heart place that is critical, keeps score, judges and does not forgive readily. You are the perfect judge of every heart and motive anyway…who am I? You don’t need my help. You’ve got this. My job: extend the same forgiveness, love and mercy to others that you lavish over me. Even when…and especially when…they don’t deserve it.

P~ Thank You for Your ah~mazing mercy. Help me to listen to and embrace the message…believe the best…BE MERCIFUL. I love You!

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2 thoughts on “August 26, 2018 Job 25; James 2:1-13”

  1. Holy cow, this is spot on and such an important thing that God gives me the privilege to do…pretty much every day. I’m going to play that ‘broken record” in my head!!!

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