August 8, 2018 Esther 3-7; Hebrews 6:4-12

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Jump In! – Robin Laney

S~ …I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish. Esther 4:16 (NIV)

O~ Mordecai has just informed Esther, through Hathach, that their people, the Jews, were to be annihilated. He then persuades her to use her position of great influence with the king in order to save herself and her people. She makes up her mind to do what she can even if it leads to her death.

A~ How many of us are willing to give our lives for another? How about our reputation? How many times do we pass up opportunities, even small ones, to step in and help someone? Doing the right thing could mean giving of our time, energy, or money. Are we really willing to offer ourselves up for the sake of someone else. What if giving of ourselves meant injury or death for us?

This past week, a brave man stood in front of an armed madman and blocked his way in an attempt to protect others. He took seven bullets. On his son’s birthday. He could have died but what mattered to him was doing what he needed to do to save others. Not only did he step up to face this man but he chose to enter the classroom after pulling the fire alarms in another area of the school. He could have run away but he ran headlong into the need and lives were spared as a result.

There are so many stories and videos of people in grave danger who have no one to come to their rescue. Instead, people drive by, walk by, run away from, and even video the event. I believe that God places us in certain places at certain times to be of good use. We need to be alert to what is going on around us and be prepared to step up and step in for the sake of others.

P~ Lord, open our eyes to the people around us. Let us be a people who are more concerned about others than we are about ourselves. Let us be free with our time, our money, our energy, and even our lives, if necessary, so that those around us feel valued, loved, and protected.

What’s my center? | guest post

S~ When Haman entered, the king asked him, “What should be done for the man the king delights to honor?”  Now Haman thought to himself, “Who is there that the king would rather honor than me?” Esther 6:6 (NIV)

O/A~ I’ve done a lot so I don’t have to write this soap note.  Ignore the Word for a day, check Twitter, check email, stretch, watch tv.  I just need to write it out.

This verse is judging the thoughts and attitude of my heart.  When I read this story of Esther, I despise Haman – he is pure evil!  Look at his thoughts in this verse.  Haman’s center is worship of himself.  But this thought that Haman had about himself…well it sounds just like me lately.

Haman couldn’t fathom the king wanting to honor anyone beside himself.  That insidious pride that’s inside of Haman is inside of me!  Lately, my agenda, my desires, my time, treasures, talent have been all about me and what I want.  My center of my life has been me, not my Savior.

P~ Abba, I see my selfishness so clearly in this story!  I am so sorry!  Yet, I see myself, and I still find myself wanting to please me and not You.  Why?  Help me to choose You at my next choice today, and then choose You again at my choice after that, and so forth.  I love You!

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