January 25, 2018 Genesis 44,45; John 15:18-16:24

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The passage of time…. | guest post

S~ Then Judah stepped forward…..   Genesis 44:18a (NLT)

O~ You know this story?  Where Joseph gets sold as a slave, ends up in Egypt as second in command and then meets back up with his family.  Joseph tests his family by accusing his younger, full blood brother of theft.  As the family is discussing this with Joseph, Judah steps forward.

A~ Judah steps forward and speaks for his brothers.  Judah, not the eldest of the boys, but of the line that God choose His kings and Jesus Himself to come from.

Genesis 44:18-33 is Judah speaking.  Through his words, his sacrifice, wisdom just flows from him.

I know that wisdom comes from God, but what I see in Judah, is that God gives wisdom over time, not just in one download.

Sometimes, I’m in such a hurry to learn a lesson or get out of a season in my life.  God’s ways are not like that.  He sees time differently.

As I reflect on my life now, I’m overwhelmed at how much I still live in my flesh.  How selfish I really am and how stingy I can be with grace.  Then God lets me see Judah’s life through the story of Joseph….God changed Judah and put wisdom in his heart (just read Tamar’s story).

When I look back 5, 10, years ago, or even one year ago on my life….I’m amazed at what God has done!  He has straight up changed my heart, changed the way I think, and changed the way I see other people.  All this over time, just like He did with Judah.

P~ Thank You Lord for NEVER giving up on me!

Real Joy | Kimi Miller

S~ So you have sorrow now, but I will see you again; then you will rejoice, and no one can rob you of that joy. John 16:22 (NLT)

O~  Jesus was talking to His disciples about His death; that the disciples would grieve His death – unaware of what is really happening. But when Jesus returns, they will rejoice – their hope will be restored – and NO ONE can tell them otherwise because they will know the truth for themselves, because they experienced it.

A~ Knowing You – REALLY knowing You – brings joy to my heart. It is a deep and rich joy, that words cannot fully explain. Even though darkness still comes, it cannot rob me of the joy that comes in knowing my Jesus is ALIVE. I know this, because of my relationship with You. Because I have experienced You.

P~ Thank You, Holy Spirit, for the joy You bring to my heart. A joy that is cannot be taken. Amen

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