January 20, 2018 Genesis 36,37; John 11:45-12:19

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The truth comes out | guest post

S~ If we let Him go on like this, everyone will believe in Him, and then the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation. John 11:48 (NIV)

O~ The religious leaders are meeting.  The groups meeting may be described as, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’  Jesus is the enemy, and the religious leaders of the day, divided as they are, are plotting to kill Him.

A~ Look at these words by the religious leaders!  They knew if Jesus kept His ministry, people would keep believing in Him.  That meant that the religious system that kept people in line would fall.  And also, the religious leaders would have their place taken away.  Mmmmmm.

This verse and words spoken by the religious leaders reveal their heart.  They feared the Romans more than God.  They cared deeply (enough to kill) about their place in society.  And they wanted the Jewish nation to stay together and put their trust in the Romans to do that.

Those religious leaders are so dumb!  But in truth, I have to think about the religious leader’s hearts often because I can easily fall into that prideful thinking.  Fearing the authority at my job over God.  Caring way more about my down time than seeing the needs of people in my life.  And trusting whole heartedly that if I work hard and do the right things my life will be simply amazing.

P~ Abba, Your Word is revelation!  I continually have to fight my thinking because I so easily and often fall into the role of the religious leader.  Forgive me!  Remove the ‘Romans’ and false gods inside of me.  Remove that desire to have my place in this world, whatever it looks like.  In the paraphrase of John the baptist, make You  more and me less.

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