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January 11, 2018 Genesis 20,21; John 6:60-7:13

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Traveling With God | Tara Wiley

S~ Genesis 20:1 “Abraham moved on…”  Luke 8:1 “Jesus traveled about…”

O~ Moving on, traveling forward, going… this seems to be a theme woven throughout Scripture. God is always calling us to move forward with Him. Abraham moved on, sometimes, as in this passage, taking great zigzagging leaps in and out of God’s plan. His story is always a comfort to me, that God would call and use a man so obviously imperfect at times and so full of faith in other instances.

Jesus traveled about, moving through towns and lives, intersecting at just the right time to meet just the right need. I am so glad He did – the story of the woman touching the hem of His robe is a tender, dear one to me. The listing of the women who traveled with Him, dear as well.

The traveling women: Sarah, poor thing, suffering alongside her husband, often because of his lack of faith; other times because of hers. The women with Jesus, wounded warriors, transformed by the nearness of Jesus, leaving their comfort zones, using their temporary material blessings so He might bless others for eternity.

A~ I want to be God’s traveling companion, moving where the Spirit leads me, living a life transformed by the nearness of Jesus.

P~ Oh God, forgive me for the many times I am so unwilling to go where You send me, whether that is a physical going, an emotional going into a hard place, or a social going out of my comfort zone. Thank You for Your abundant grace to cover the zigzag track of my faith journey with You. Thank You for always leading me back to Your side. Your nearness is my joy. Help me give abundantly to Your journey, with my time, my resources, my life. Help me today to travel about with You.

Spirit vs Flesh | Kim Chipman

S~ The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life. John 6:63 (NIV)

O~ The flesh counts for NOTHING. That’s pretty bold. No room for a grey area. NOTHING. The Spirit gives life and the Word is full of it!

A~ This gets be thinking about my struggle to get healthier. Really it shouldn’t be about my body if the flesh counts for nothing. It is about giving LIFE. So is my focus wrong? Probably. I’m seeking pleasure and comfort in ways that do not bring life because they are about the flesh. This is why my emotions are then a big fat mess.

The flesh counts for nothing.

Your words are full of the Spirit and life.

My soul doesn’t feel full of life when I seek pleasure in food and drink. The comfort it brings is SO temporary. It is not life giving. So…HOW. How do I overcome this stuck place I’m in. HOW do I get plugged back in to the Spirit that gives life?

P~ HELP! I need to turn this Titanic around. I know in You I can. Help me to do it. Right now. Today. Help me to see when I am feeding flesh and when I’m feeding the Spirit. I know through You this is possible. Thank You for helping me see this today. I love You!

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