November 24, 2017 Ezekiel 47,48; Mark 13:1-31

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Be On Your Guard | Kim Chipman

S~ So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time. Mark 13:23 (NIV)

O~ v5 “watch out that no one deceives you”

v6 “many will come…will deceive many”

v9 “you must be on your guard”

v22 “false messiahs and false prophets…to deceive, if possible, even the elect”

v31 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

I need to remember this. Jesus spoke all these words. I need to be on guard. There is a deceiver, and he’s coming for me, for all believers. We have been warned, though, and Your Word is the truth I need to cling to in order to avoid deception. It is the HOW to be on guard.

A~ Sometimes I get complacent in my daily reading time. Crazy. I know more than anything that my life assignment is to encourage and equip others to get in Your Word DAILY. My brain knows it is critical to my spiritual health and growth. I go through seasons when I am deceived about my need for it, though. I get complacent, procrastinate, justify, live distracted…I miss a day, then a day leads to 2 leads to 3…then I’m a big mess and all sorts of things start to unravel from there. Why, why, why do I allow this to happen? I know better. It never ends well.

I need to be on my guard. You warned me this would happen. I can’t drift into complacency. I need You. I need Your Word. Your precious daily bread. It is life, like as important as the air I breathe.

P~Lord, help me to remember! I’m such a forgetter. Help me to stick to the daily disciplines that I know you have spoken to my heart. I’m healthiest and happiest when I do. Help! I love You!

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