November 6, 2017 Lamentations 1,2; Mark 4:1-20

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Distressed & Disturbed | Kelley Deases

S~ See, O Lord, how distressed I am!  I am in torment within, and in my heart I am disturbed, for I have been most rebellious. Lamentations 1:20 (NIV)

O~ The first chapter of Lamentations is written from the perspective of the nation of Judah, now desolate and in ruin after its failure to heed the Lord’s commands.  But much of the language can likewise ring true of the human heart.

A~ I have delayed having a difficult conversation with a friend for several weeks and I have had no peace in my avoidance of the topic and thus the person.  So today is the day.  We have set a time to meet and talk. Having to address a sensitive subject conjures up in me the emotions described in this verse:  distressed, tormented, disturbed. But God has been very clear with me that this needs to happen and I need to be bold.  And I know He who put this task before me, however difficult and awkward, will be faithful to be with me through it. It would be rebellion on my part to say nothing and miss an opportunity to gently but firmly speak the truth in love.

P~ This is the prayer a close friend, who is a long distance away, sent to encourage me:  “I pray that the Lord prepare the words to deliver, the wisdom to know when to press in and when to tread lightly.  I pray for a receiving heart.  I believe the room will be full of the Holy Spirit and a blanket of peace would cover each of you.  I ask that what The Enemy has planned for separation would only bond the two of you closer.  I pray this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, the Keeper of Relationships.”

Active Listening | Deanna George

S~ Then Jesus said, “whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” Mark 4:9 (NIV)

O~ Listen attentively. Listen with purpose.

A~ Jesus wants to speak to me. Do I want to pay close attention? Or just have him be background noise? How do I hear him? I need to stop and pay attention. I need to focus on the Word and not just glaze over it to put a check mark on my to do list. I need to be still and silent. I tend to talk to talk too much. I get caught up in my prayer and forget it’s a two way conversation. Listening can be hard, especially when it’s not what I want to hear, but remembering that the God of peace, love, and joy is the one speaking can make it life changing.

P~ Lord Jesus, I am sorry that I can forget to slow down and listen. My attention span has been like a toddler. I want to slow down and focus. You know what is best for me. I need to receive your guidance. I need to actively listen to your voice. I hear you Lord. I am slowing down and will work on blocking out the background noise so I may seek you and hear you. Please speak very loudly until I get good at this!

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