October 14, 2017 Isaiah 65,66; Psalm 62; Revelation 9:12-21

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All That I Am | Kimi Miller

S~ Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. Psalm 62:5 (NLT)

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him. (ESV)

My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is in him. (NASB)

O~ Sometimes I like to look up the same verse in other translations. I am most familiar with the NIV and NLT for my daily devotions, but his morning, I felt led to pull up other translations of Ps. 62:5.

The notes in my Bible say that David wrote this psalm during the days of Absalom’s rebellion.  This particular verse spoke to me this morning because it reminds me of where my hope comes from – only from God.

“Let all that I am” – ALL of me. Every little part of my being and all of my thoughts – let them be silent before the Lord.  I love the ESV translation, “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence.”  All that I am – my inner most being – wait silently.

A~ By nature, I’m a talker.  I like to verbally process my thoughts, so to sit quietly before the Lord isn’t easy for me.  Nor is controlling, or slowing down my thoughts.  My mind races all the time.  But this verse is telling me to quiet my soul – to quiet my thoughts.  This means that while I’m sitting quietly, I don’t let my thoughts run wild.  I don’t try to think of my own way to solve a dilemma or change my circumstances, or get revenge.  Instead, I sit quietly and wait for His direction.  I remain silent – turn the other cheek – and wait for the Holy Spirit to lead my words and actions.

Sometimes when I am anxious or upset about something, my own thoughts often get the better of me.   My mind races 100 mph and my flesh takes control and tells me what I should do next.  My flesh wants what will satisfy my need at the moment, but my soul longs for that which will satisfy forever.  My soul tells me to stop.  My soul tells me to sit quietly at the feet of my Savior and wait for His instruction.

And really, that’s what I want to!  I don’t want to fight these battles in my head – certainly not on my own!  That is why I must stay connected to You through Your Word.  That is why it is so very important for me to memorize Scripture and to store it in my heart.  The heart is the wellspring of life!  Any goodness comes from that which is stored in my heart – and that goodness comes from You.  That’s what I want my “all I am” to come from – only from You.

So, even if I fidget a little at first, I will make the effort on my end to sit quietly before you, trusting that You will calm my spirit and guide my heart.  (And help me to sit still.)

P~ Father, I’m sorry for the way my mind races some times.  I imagine you must get awfully dizzy trying to keep up!  Please help me to be still before you. Help me to capture my thoughts and make them obedient to Your will and not my own.  I love you so much!  Amen.

Choosing God | Joni Tyner

S~ But the people who did not die in these plagues still refused to repent of their evil deeds and turn to God. Revelation 9:20 (NLT)

O~ There are some stupid, STUBBORN people living in end times.  Why, why, WHY?…would anyone want to endure the torture of those scorpions?

A~ I’m on the winning team!! God’s team.  I’m completely confused why, when we have free will, would anyone NOT want to be saved from the wrath of God.  I just don’t get it.

I want to also point out the BLESSINGS of being saved—it’s so much more that a  “Get Out of Hell Pass”.   I get daily blessings from knowing Him. Today—in 2014. I really have joy, I have peace when life gets ridiculous, I get to celebrate being an heir of Heaven—this is very good indeed.

P~  Dear Lord, I am praying right now for someone who is on the fence with making a decision to follow you.  Surround the with believers who are genuinely living out their faith, open their eyes to the beauty You can give them.  I pray that someone so close to finding You would take that step today!!  Dear Lord,  You passionately love them, You have forgiven each mistake they have made, You want them on Your side. I pray for this person that You have been pursuing, may they choose You.

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