September 22, 2017 Song of Solomon 5-8; 1 John 3:1-10

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A Treasure Trove of Delights | Tara Wiley

S~ There the mandrakes give off their fragrance, and the finest fruits are at our door, new delights as well as old, which I have saved for you, my lover. Song of Songs 7:13 (NLT)

O~ New delights as well as old…

It’s not uncommon for Scripture to equate delight with our God-journey. How often we get bogged down in religion and forget this is a relationship that offers delight!

Delight from Him:

–       – He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me. 2 Sam. 22:20

–       – You feed them from the abundance of Your own house, letting them drink from Your river of delights. Ps. 36:8

–       – The Lord delights in His people; He crowns the humble with victory. Ps. 149:4

Delight from us:

–       – O Lord, I have longed for Your rescue and Your instructions are my delight. Ps. 119:174

–       – Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps. 37:4

–       – How I delight in Your commands! Ps 119:47

A~ New delights as well as old…

One of the greatest joys of having a long term relationship is the treasure trove of memories acquired over the years. Knowing new memories are to come makes it that much sweeter!

When I’m having a hard time spiritually, whether it’s doubt or trial or temptation or just a dry spell, it is so good to review the old delights. I pause to remember the moments when God showed up in miraculous, personal ways… the answers to prayer… the lessons learned… the demonstrations of His faithfulness.

Remembering theses things whets my appetite for the future and spurs me on to keep pursuing Him doggedly as the most important relationship in my life. I look forward to the new delights!

P~ Thank You, Lord, that every day holds opportunity for new delights with You. I am so grateful that You choose to have a relationship with me that is personal, loving, and yes, delightful. Keep me on the lookout for Your delights today!

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