September 20, 2017 Ecclesiastes 10-12; Psalm 94; 1 John 2:12-17

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Keep Calm and Respond | Kelley Deases

S~ If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great errors to rest. Ecclesiastes 10:4 (NIV)

O~ The other day I asked my son to get off the computer and do something I needed done around the house. The result was a fit to behold! My husband and I just watched in amazement (disgust?!) as he went from 0-60 so fast over something so trivial. Worse yet, my husband whispered under his breath, “Hmmm, I wonder who he takes after?” Meaning, of course, me. Do I really react like that? Sometimes, yes.

A~ Recently, God taught me a profound lesson about not reacting in anger in the moment, but waiting on Him and responding appropriately in the proper moment. It was a situation which arose at work and had I let my emotions and defensiveness get the best of me, I am sure I would have regretted by words. I might have even backed myself into such a humiliating corner as to leave my job. But I waited. I sought counsel. I prayed. And in a moment in which I know God paved the way for me, I spoke up calmly and rationally to the proper person at the proper time. The result was having aired my concern, being heard and understood, and maintaining my integrity. (Now I just need to model this more consistently to my son!)

P~ Father, What a gift it is to see Your hand at work and know You are working things out for my good. I just need to keep my reactions in check and wait on Your wisdom and timing.

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1 thought on “September 20, 2017 Ecclesiastes 10-12; Psalm 94; 1 John 2:12-17”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Kelly, as you are encouraging me to let my own transformation concerning attitude and reaction become Gods attitude and reaction and not my own. If I want to be that true humble servant I must allow that transformation into my life not because I want to but because I need to as a child of God. And as I am realizing the change in me is good but it is also necessary for those around me to be able to see Jesus through me. In all my ways I chose to reflect Jesus so I give you my heart, mind and spirit anew Lord that you may mold me to be more like you. Thank you, Lord, that you never, ever give up on me for my sake and for the sake of those you have placed around me. I am embracing these word “Love deeply those I have given you for one day I will want them back.”

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