July 2, 2017 1 Kings 9; 2 Chronicles 8; Psalm 136; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

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Faithful Love in the Valley | Tara Wiley

S~ Give thanks to Him who led His people through the wilderness.

His faithful love endures forever.

He remembered us in our weakness.

His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 136:16,23 (NLT)

O~ I love the beautiful structure of this Psalm. The repeated phrase (His faithful love endures forever) invites you to pause and reflect on each proclamation of God’s work, beginning with the awesome grandeur of creation all the way to the tender, personal statements of verses 23-25. He is an awesome, powerful God who cares for the daily needs of each one of us.

A~ As I read, I began to reflect on the ways God worked in my life as He did for Israel. I was particularly struck by verse 16:

“He led His people through the wilderness.”

I have just come out of a wilderness season in my life, marked with physical illness. Some months were  harder than others, but all in all, the season lasted nearly four years. When I look back on some of the hardest times (a rotator cuff injury that forced me to set aside my violin – my ministry – for nearly a year; stroke-like migraines that left me practically homebound for several months; difficult, painful surgeries; medications with life-altering side effects), I shudder and wonder how I got through it. At the same time, just as the Israelites experienced, I saw God’s provision in profound and miraculous ways. Even in the darkest days, huddled under covers, I could say, His faithful love endures forever.

And today, in this current promised land of health and increased productivity, I cannot measure the depth of my gratitude.

P~ Oh, Lord, is there any way to truly, fully express my gratitude for all You have done? You led me through the wilderness. You remembered me in my weakness. Eternity may not be long enough for me to sing Your praise. Oh Lord, You are remarkably, beautifully, amazingly good. Faithful Lord. Tender Savior. Ever present, ever caring, so merciful. So powerful. Thank You for entering the valley of the shadow of death with me and showing me wonders there.

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