March 24, 2017 Numbers 35,36; Acts 21

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These are a few of our SOAP notes from today’s reading. We encourage you to read and journal on your own first, then join us in conversation about what God revealed to YOU today. Click HERE to go directly to the daily reading if you wish.

Great Faith | Kim Chipman

S~ Then Paul answered, “Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 21:13 (NIV)

O/A~ Do I have this kind of faith? Could I say this, as Paul has?

P~ Lord grow my faith! I believe but help my unbelief! Help me to be like Paul in willingness to suffer for You. I love You!

Remain Focused | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ As they reached the stairs, the mob grew so violent the soldiers had to lift Paul to their shoulders to protect him.  And the crowd followed behind shouting, “Kill him, kill him!”  Acts 21:35,36 (NLT)

“Please let me talk to these people.” The commander agreed, so Paul stood on the stairs and motioned to the people to be quiet. Soon a deep silence enveloped the crowd, and he addressed them in their own language, Aramaic.   Acts 21:39b-40 (NLT)

O~ Paul didn’t lose focus of Jesus, of God’s work even when he was being violently beaten by the people.

A~ I can (with the help of God) remain focused and not be tossed this way and that.

P~ Father, thank you for this visual.  Thank you for my feelings, help me to not let them be the deciding factor.  Please guide me and give me wisdom.

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