March 21, 2017 Numbers 29,30; Acts 18

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Marital Unity | Kelley Deases

S~ Her husband may confirm or nullify any vow she makes herself. Numbers 30:13 (NIV)

O~  This is one of the commands given by the Lord to the Israelites through Moses. While there are cultural dissimilarities between then and now in regard to a woman’s promise needing to be authorized by a man, either her father or her husband, I can see some transcendent truths God is conveying through these words. He is elevating the marriage relationship. If a wife makes a decision on her own and her husband remains silent on the matter, they will be deemed to be in agreement. If he speaks up upon learning of the decision, it can be voided. Unity must be achieved to benefit both the husband and wife in relation to one another and for them to have credibility with others.

A~  A version of this dynamic was played out in our home within the past few days. Our son discovered his favorite YouTube personality is coming to the United States (from England) to do a speaking tour, so he approached his dad (the softie) about the possibility of seeing him at one of his stops. His dad told him to draft a written proposal including his reasons for wanting to go and the details of the tour. When he had completed it, our son gave the proposal to his dad who brought it to me so together he and I could discuss the logistics and budget. As his parents, we spoke freely about whether this was good timing and whether there was any merit to our son’s request. We actually found a closer city at a more convenient date than the boys had discovered themselves and opted for that course of action. Everyone was blessed to have been heard and to have come to an agreement. And though it seems like a small thing, these issues add up to set the tone for our household — either peaceful or tumultuous.

P~ Father, Thank You that Your Word is still relevant to our lives today and, through it, You have spoken principles on how to live the best life possible. Thank You for a husband who understands the value in giving his son a voice and in paying his wife the respect I am due to allow me to assist in making major decisions for our family.

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