March 15, 2017 Numbers 17,18; Psalm 29; Acts 12

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I Need Your Strength and Peace | Michelle Myers

S~ The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11 (NIV)

O/A~ Yesterday, I aimlessly walked around the store with my daughter. I could not concentrate. I was exhausted, sad, confused, and my heart was just heavy. I have not been in this place for a long time. In fact, You reminded me that I had not been in this place since all of the junk with my husband and his addiction came out. I stayed in that state for a couple of years. It stunk! With that realization, I thought, “I am NOT giving the enemy any more of my time over this situation, that I can do nothing about!”

The situation was a car accident, which the police officer described as a “typical minor injury accident”. However, for me, my daughter, and I am sure the 16 year-old kid in the other car, whose head hit the windshield and was bleeding, it didn’t seem like a “minor” anything.

I spent two days, trying to figure out what exactly happened. One second I didn’t see anyone on the road, when I went to turn. Then half way into the turn I see a car coming towards us. I cried to my husband, out of concern for this young man. I cried on the phone to the insurance lady. I played it over and over again and again in my head. I worried about medical bills, upcoming car payments as our van was totaled. I worried about my “driving reputation”, as I was the one cited for “failure to yield”. I had never had a ticket before. I questioned why the young man wasn’t wearing his seat belt. I felt bad for his parents. That is one phone call no parent wants to get.

All of it, just like all the questioning, sadness, and confusion did with my husband’s addiction, only drove me crazy and wasted a lot of time and energy. You reminded me of that. You also reminded me of the blessings in all of it, as I was on FB yesterday, and saw a post from one of my sorority sisters. It had been the second anniversary of her husband’s car accident. An accident neither him nor the other driver survived.

The truth is, there is a lot that isn’t clear to me at this point, and may never be. I am not an awful, irresponsible person. Accidents happen everyday. I know that there have been many times, I have slammed on my breaks to avoid a collision when someone has pulled out in front of me, ran a light, etc. What I do know, is that it is Your grace that “saved” me those times. Why this time was different, I don’t know. Yet, I do know that there is a greater, more meaningful purpose here. I do know that going forward, You have got this.

P~ God, I am so thankful that the other driver was not fatally injured. Please help him quickly recover. Please help us all see Your lessons and purpose in all of this.

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