February 27, 2017 Leviticus 13,14; Matthew 27

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Can’t Wrap My Head Around It | Michelle Myers

S~ All the people answered, ‘Let his blood be on us and our children!’ Matthew 27:25 (NIV)

O~ This is a strong statement from the people. I honestly can’t imagine being in that state of mind, to not care if someone’s blood is on me or my children.

A~ I was watching a true crime show the other day, and my husband questioned why I like to watch those types of shows. To be honest, I don’t really know; except that I think I am repeatedly amazed by the evil in the world. I think that I am amazed by it, because I grew up pretty naive to it. I feel like this is one of the ways that You make me aware of “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Also, as an educator of adolescents who struggled with behavior issues, I often wanted to get to the root of what was causing them to act out. The arguing, nasty attitude, etc. where often just symptoms of a deeper issue. However, once in awhile, I would get a student who really didn’t have an underlying cause for their bad behavior. It was, and still is at times, hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that some people have no conscience or the ability to feel any sense of remorse for what they do to others.

It has definitely opened my eyes to some of the evil dysfunction that runs in my extended family. It may not be on the level of murder, but there is a pathological selfish trait, that prohibits them from being aware of the damage they do on any kind of level. This trait prohibits them from feeling empathy, sympathy, or remorse for their sinful behavior. On a personal level, it has also made me more aware of my own junk, and where I have been deceived because of things that were modeled to me as child. It has given me a guide in examining my own heart, to see if it is aligning with what I grew up with or You and Your will.

P~ I am so thankful, that You have opened my eyes to so much about this world. In order for me to better understand You and Your character, I have to better understand the sinful character of people. Please just continue to open my eyes and give me discernment in regards to You and Your ways. Please help me be aware of the opposing struggle that will result within myself, the world, and the ways of the world. Then help me do better at aligning myself with You.

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