February 18, 2017 Exodus 36,37; Matthew 18

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Equipped, Stirred, and Called | Robin Laney

S~ And Moses called Bezalel and Oholiab and every craftsman in whose mind the Lord had put skill, everyone whose heart stirred him up to come to do the work. Exodus 36:2 (ESV)

O~ God directed the building of the Tabernacle in great detail. All along the way, He provided the plans and He also provided the materials and labor and skill through His people. The people were more than willing to offer whatever they had to accomplish the work they were called to using the resources God had given them.

A~ God has the Kingdom plan and He equips us and stirs our hearts to do the work at hand. We must be ready and willing, when we are called, to use what He has given us.

God has equipped us, Dave and I, with skills over the years. Each time we have said, “Yes,” to His call, He has taught us and given us more skills, wisdom, and knowledge to use for the work at hand and in future endeavors He planned for us. We have been given so many opportunities to serve Him in the past 18 years. Some we said, “Yes,” to and some we let pass by. Our lives were the richest and most full when we were ready, willing, and obedient. We have been in a transition time for quite some time now wondering what the future might hold for us. There are opportunities looming and our hearts are being stirred, I believe, for whatever plans He has for us. As He continues to prepare us, I pray that He would line up our hearts and minds to be willing to do whatever He asks of us.

P~ Father, You have been so faithful to equip us for Your work, giving us wisdom and intelligence for the tasks at hand, teaching us through each experience, seemingly making us ready for the next thing by building our faith and skills. I can sense that You are, and have been for some time, preparing us for whatever You have next for us. Lord, stir our hearts for the work ahead. Help us to make the most of each day as we share Your love and Good News with those around us. May we respond in faithful obedience when You call in the big things and what we might consider the little things, knowing that each encounter we have matters eternally. We trust that You will be clear in Your call and faithful to equip us fully.

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