January 11, 2017 Genesis 20,21; John 6:60-7:13

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Where will we go? | Nikki Metzger

S~ Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life. John 6:68 (NIV)

O~ Jesus just taught a difficult concept to His followers: eating His flesh and drinking His blood.  Because of this teaching, many followers left Him.  When Jesus turned to HIs Twelve and asks if they’re going to leave; Simon is so honest!  “Where would we go?”

A~ Where would I go if I decided that the things of Jesus were too much?  Or His teachings were unfair?  Maybe throw all of me into parenting?  No!  With my intensity, my kids would run away or become co-dependent.  Would I set marriage as the number one thing in my heart? That might be tricky; making my husband my savior would set us up for failure.

What if I put money as number one in my heart?  I probably could, but I’ve heard too many deathbed stories of regret when money took importance over relationships.  I’ve tried other idols to live for: shopping, status, material things.  They have all left me feeling empty, but wanting more and more, never full.

Simon Peter got it right!  Where would I go Lord?  You have the words of eternal life!  I don’t love all of the Word’s teachings.  I wish the refinement of my character didn’t typically come through sufferings.  I super duper wish that respecting and submitting to my husband wasn’t part of God’s will for me as a wife.

I wish God defined marriage differently, it sure would make life easier in our present culture.  I wish that He could be a genie in a bottle God and answer my prayers with a rub of a lamp and in five minutes.  And I really wish that He didn’t demand my whole heart all of the time because sometimes I just want to worship Netflix.

But I have decided that even if I don’t like or agree with all of the Lord’s ways, there is no place I’d rather be than in His presence!  His ways and thoughts are so much higher than my ways and thoughts.  He is eternal life, I will follow Him.

P~ Father, I love You!  I don’t always understand and I am rarely able to explain my heart to another, but You have me!  I am Yours!  Please give me a super-natural, unending, ever-increasing desire for Your Son.  Set Jesus as my one and only delight in my life!

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