January 9, 2017 Genesis 17,18; John 5:31-6:15

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Confidence | Deanna George

S~ Abraham and Sarah were already very old, and Sarah was past the age of childbearing. So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my lord is old, will I now have this pleasure?” Genesis 18:11-12 (NIV)

O~ Abram was 100 and Sarah was 90 when God told them he was fulfilling his promise of a heir through Sarah. Sarah heard this from her tent and reacted with laughter.

A~ My response would have been very similar, if not out much louder. As I wiggle my way to 50 in a few short years, I would have a very nervous laugh if I found out I was going to have a baby. Not because I don’t believe and trust God, but because I would doubt my ability to have the strength, stamina, and patience that is needed to rear a child. It is true – the body ages and mine is tired! The thing to remember is that God never makes mistakes! He never leaves us to do it on our own! He knows what we are capable of! I am going to use that to have confidence to begin my chapter in my life that he is calling me on. Thankfully the new chapter is not a baby, but a new adventure that will take me out of my comfort zone.

P~ Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding me that you know what I can handle. Thank you for pushing me in areas of my life that scare me to pieces so that I may grow. Please use me however you desire. My heart is open to your directions. I want you to be the center of all I do.

Where’s Your Ambition? | Kelley Deases

S~ How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God? John 5:44 (NIV)

O~ Jesus is trying to make the point that, for all the people’s religious striving, they have missed having any true devotion to God. They have missed the love. They have failed to recognize Jesus for who He is. They are so concerned about appearing righteous to other people, they have given no mind to gaining God’s esteem.

A~ I had a well-known, big name attorney, whose name would be recognizable to those in the Omaha area from the local TV news and newspaper, ask me, in essence, why I had no measurable ambition within the legal profession. You see, when I graduated from law school and was admitted to the Nebraska Bar, I took a job, which I kept for 19 years, clerking for a group of judges, doing research and drafting judicial opinions that would be signed by those judges, not by me. After nearly two decades doing this interesting work behind the scenes, I felt God nudge me to leave that position to be a full-time wife and mother. Currently, I have found my way, by God’s sovereign hand, to part-time employment at a faith-based organization which provides food and clothing to the poor.

I was contacted just the other day with an offer to return to the legal profession, to a position of some esteem and which would utilize my law degree and prior legal experience. But I opted for my part-time work with the non-profit, allowing me to do ministry for my employment but also enjoy ample time with my family. I guess what I would tell Mr. High-Powered Lawyer today is that my drive is not for the applause of the world, but I am simply trying to follow where God leads me. I am attempting to steward well the time, finances, and family He has seen fit to give me.

P~ Father, Continue to show me where it is You want me to go and what it is You want me to do. I want to be more concerned with pleasing You than chasing after what the world says is valuable.

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