November 22 Matthew 11,12,13

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Recap of a sermon I heard | Nikki Metzger

** This is an irregular SOAP note.  I heard a sermon about this verse and wrote it down so it was in my journal and writing also helps me remember **

S~ We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.  Matthew 11:17 (NIV)

O~ This is how Jesus compared this generation.  I’ve never understood this verse ’till I heard a sermon by Timothy Keller.  My application part of this note is my recap of the sermon.

A~ Jesus compared the people unwilling to come to Him as kids who wouldn’t dance when the flute was playing or wouldn’t mourn when a dirge (a funeral song) was sung.  Children in that time had a larger community to play with when there was a wedding (flute being played) or a funeral (dirge sung).

Kids are pretty typical, they play.  They play together at a wedding, and they play together at a funeral.  But when comparing the people of this generation, they were like the kids who didn’t engage.  They didn’t dance when the flute was played; so a dirge was played, and the kids still didn’t mourn.  The flute can be compared to the best news ever: eternal life is a free gift, Jesus came for ALL of us!  The dirge can be compared to the worst news ever: we all deserve death because we all fall short.

Tim Keller called these kids in Jesus’ example as snitty because they wanted what they wanted.  And they really wanted to be in charge of the game they were playing.  Jesus eluded that it wouldn’t matter what game was suggested or played, the snitty kids wouldn’t join in because it wasn’t THEIR choice.  It’s probably the number one reason why people don’t want to pursue the Lord – they’d have to give up who was in charge of their life.

P~ Father….thank You for letting me hear this sermon!  I love it when You make Scripture clear!

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