September 21 Daniel 7,8; Psalms 137; Luke 4

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Christ’s character | Nikki Metzger

S~ No matter what their disease were, the touch of His hand healed everyone. Luke 4:40b (NLT)

O~ Jesus just got done preaching.  I bet He was tired.  Yes, He healed everyone that was brought to Him.

A~ This is a quote from the introduction of an old book I’m reading:

“My chief request of God is that He will supernaturally flood my life with an unending, ever-increasing desire for His Son.  Jesus is not only my delight; He is my safety.  Loving Him with absolute abandon is no doubt in my own best interest.”

I am challenged by this quote.  I want that intimacy with Jesus like this author has.  Even through daily disciplines of prayer, reading the Word, I can miss Jesus and our relationship.

In this part of Scripture: Jesus healed everyone by touching them.  The diseases didn’t scare Jesus off, He didn’t discriminate.  Everyone who was sick was welcomed and healed. As a nurse, I’ve seen some diseases and I’ve avoided some patient rooms because I was nervous ‘to catch’ what they had.  Or I’ve put a wall in my heart to get my nursing work done because I couldn’t step into their pain they were feeling.  For all my failings as a nurse, Jesus NEVER fails. Who He is….He is welcoming, nothing scares Him off and He desires (and will!) heal everyone.  He doesn’t have an energy level dependency, He is always ready to heal.

P~ Father, thank You for making Christ’s character known deeper to me today.  Father, I don’t want to copy that author’s pray, but I really do!!  I want my life to be flooded with Jesus, I want Him more everyday and my desire for Jesus to increase daily.  I want Jesus to be my delight; not my family or bible study or social media or work or recognition.  I want my delight and joy and life found in Him.  Jesus only.  Please!

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