September 6 Ezekiel 29,30,31,32; Revelation 11

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Stress Management, God’s Way | Tara Wiley

This season in the reading plan is pretty intense. This season in my life is intense, too. So, I’m reading the plan, and also looking into the Word for answers to today’s problems. Sometimes that takes me away from Ezekiel and Revelation. 😉

S~ We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer…Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:1, 3

O~ We are goal-oriented people created by a goal-oriented God. When we submit our dreams to God and form our plans based on His character, His priorities, and His direction, He will bless us.

A~ I just read an article about college students, struggling with stress management and resiliency, crushing campus counseling centers with record requests for crisis assistance. One campus has actually begun to offer a course called Adulting! Watching my son and his friends try to navigate the difficult transition to high school has me looking ahead to this next big step in his life – and I want to be sure that he’s learning the skills he needs now to be able to succeed then. A huge piece of that is learning how to handle increased responsibility and pressure without crumbling under the weight.

As each day has passed with Ethan in high school, I’ve seen him become increasingly emotional, with days where he has just shut down in class because he was overwhelmed and couldn’t think – followed by days where he was buoyed by success. The roller coaster ride is crazy. This is real life. How do we cope as believers?

Perspective and priorities. These are the two words that keep coming back to me, and that these two verses in Proverbs flesh out. Perspective: Who’s ultimately in control? Who’s got this even when it feels like too much? Who’s the Master planner, here, who will work out all things for my good? The Lord. Priorities: How do I order my days? How do I choose what’s most important? How do I handle the increasing work load? Commit it all to the Lord.

P~ Lord, as we dive headfirst into the busyness of the school year, with lots of change in our household, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and even panicked. It’s easy to just want to shut down and stop thinking, to zone out and give up. But God, You have given us tools to manage stress productively and positively – by ordering our lives with Your perspective and Your priorities. Help me as a mom to model this to my kids, and help them to embrace Your way for themselves so they can become resilient and successful in navigating every season of life – good days and bad days, high stress days and smooth sailing seasons – with a constancy that can only come from You. Thanks for reminding me of that today! Whisper Your truth to my heart so I can rest in You during this season. And do that for Ethan, too, please. Thank You for loving us so much even when we are weak!

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