August 23 Jeremiah 31,32; 1 John 4

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Returning Home | Joni Tyner

S~ But now this is what the LORD says: “Do not weep any longer,

For I will reward you” says the LORD.

“Your children will come back to you

From the distant land of the enemy.

“there is hope for your future” says the LORD.

“Your children will come again to their own land.   Jeremiah 31: 16, 17 (NLT)

O~ This scripture is referring to Rachel, Jacob’s wife.   God is comforting her, reminding her that He hasn’t forgotten her—or her kids  who were off in distant enemy territory.

A~ Yesterday I wrote about God giving me the season of staying, of embracing the here and now.  I’m trying to do that, but I would still rather be fast forwarded into a season of  having a busy house with noise and activity and even a big mess. (can’t believe I would ever think that when I’ve spent decades fussing about being too busy, having too much noise and picking up after everybody!)

I’m reminded this morning, with tears of love for a God that holds me close to his heart.  He knows.  He knows.  I just can’t get over I would write that yesterday and then today–the very next day, I would read these words.  First off, God telling me not to weep, that the kids will come back, and there is hope for my future.   I particularly like the last of verse 17, “Your children will come again to their own land.”  I believe that God is reassuring me that they will once again embrace the values and faith of their childhood and they will call it, “their own land”.

P~ Dear Lord, please help me to continue to embrace the here and now of this season of life with joy and purpose.  Thank you for this nugget of scripture at the end of a week when 2 of the 3 kids moved out and on to their own.   I pray for safety for them and that Your Holy Spirit relentlessly pursues them.  I know that You love them more than I do and that they are Your children first.  I also want to pray for so many other moms who have sent off kids to college, military, or maybe a move across the country.  Hold them extra tight, comfort their hearts with quiet confidence that You are in control and love their kids so much.  We. Trust. You.

Hello? Who Do You Think I Am?! | Kim Chipman

S~  “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27 (NIV)

O~ God is promising restoration for Israel, but it is a process for sure. There would be destruction before restoration. The process would not be linear. God is still in control, however.

A~ This reminder…this truth…remains in my own non-linear life. You are the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for you?

The Mom in me often hits the panic button quickly with my kids. One act of defiance or disrespect and in my mind I can extrapolate them to being 45 and jobless on drugs living in my basement or something because the have issues with authority. Here lately, 2 of my kids in particular are trying my mommy patience in ways I do not love. They are making choices that frustrate me TO NO END. (I’m sure You know nothing about kids like that, Lord…ahem.)

I’m realizing what a deeply sanctifying work parenting is. It is teaching me over and over again, in new and deeper ways, to trust You and to love well.

This verse today is a soothing balm to my wounded heart. This process with my kids of raising them up may involve some destruction before restoration. But I have YOU! You are the Lord! The God of all mankind! Nothing is too hard for You. We can train up these kids in the way they should go together! They are really Your kids anyway. Nothing is too hard for You!

P~ Thank You for this today. Sometimes I work so hard to fix things (or people) that are not my project. You’ve got them. Help me to love well and be an example of You in my world so many would come to know You and trust You and enjoy the sweet fruit of Your Spirit. *Especially* my family! Help me to reflect You. I love You!

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