July 6 Hosea 6,7,8,9; Hebrews 3

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As Useless as a Crooked Bow | Tara Wiley

S~ The people of Israel have become like silly, witless doves, first calling to Egypt, then flying to Assyria for help…They look everywhere except to the Most High. They are as useless as a crooked bow. Hosea 7:11,16 NLT

O~ Part of the Israelites’ downfall came when they turned to godless nations for counsel and military assistance. They stopped relying on God’s direction and provision, turning FIRST to Him. Instead, they turned to other people and powers to protect them. Sounds ridiculous – until you think about how we do that every day!

A~ Whether I’m relying on myself or others to solve a problem, I am just like Israel. I may think I’m garnering strength, but in the end, when I don’t turn to God first and rely on Him for strength, wisdom, and power, I’m just ending up “as useless as a crooked bow.” Funny – as a violinist, I don’t think of the weapon of warfare the verse is referring to: I think of a violin bow. And a crooked violin bow is basically kindling. You can’t create a smooth, consistent tone. You can’t use any challenging techniques – all you end up with is a bouncing, unreliable, scratchy sound that no one wants to hear. It’s basically the equivalent of musical impotence. Wow. That’s what happens when I don’t stop to seek God’s approval and direction in my life, trusting Him to strengthen and equip me to be productive, useful – powerful and beautiful, like the pure tone from a skillfully crafted, straight bow.

P~ Lord, thank You for this reminder. You want to strengthen and equip me – just as You wanted to do for Israel. But they wouldn’t have You! They went everywhere BUT to You! I wish I could say I don’t relate. But I do. All the time, I manage to turn elsewhere for the gifts that are most purely and perfectly given by You. God, remind me again, as I go throughout my day. Keep that image of a crooked bow in my mind, so I can stop before running to others or relying on myself before I pray. And when I falter and fear – remind me that You are the perfect equipper of all I need!

You Are Greater Than I | Michelle Myers

S~ Jesus has been found worthy of greater honer than Moses, just as the builder of a house has greater honor than the house itself.  Hebrews 3:3 (NIV)

O~ “Jesus Greater Than Moses” is how this section is headed in my Bible.

A~ A few days ago, I was ready for a break from my kids, and they were ready for a break from each other.  They were probably also ready for a break from me, even though I would like to think, that they value, appreciate, and soak up every minute with me.  The reality is, that I can be just as annoying for them at times.  So, the break is good.

Yet, as the “send off time” grew closer for my youngest, I was so sad, worried, and now I am missing her terribly.  Yet, I know that You are greater than me; and this wasn’t an optional trip.  She needs opportunities to build her own relationship with You.  She needs to see and experience You for herself.

As hard as it is, I am trying to remember the big picture.  I will always be her mother.  Yet, at some point, she will grow up and leave for longer periods than a week.  You will always be her God.  She will be able to take You where ever she goes.  You will be able to help her in ways that I never can. You will be there to comfort her when I can’t.  Your relationship with her, will be one.  Just as Your relationship is with all Believers.  So, You are greater than I, in her life.

P~ Thank you God for both of my girls, and this opportunity that You have provided.  Please help me remember the big picture and comfort me, when I am struggling with, as my husband says, “cutting the cord”.  Please watch over and protect both of my girls and all their traveling companions as they venture out and are Your hands and feet.

Also, comfort my husband, because I know that he worries and misses them also.  He may not express it like I do, but the first thing he did after she left, is go to our box of pictures and start looking at pictures of the girls when they were little.

We Need Community | Kim Chipman

S~ But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13 (NIV)

O~ The warning in this section is against a hart heart and rebellion. The vibe I get is that we are in this together (“see to it that NONE of you..” v12). When we see someone getting off track we should encourage one another so none of us is deceived.

A~ This is why I love my tribe. Being in community isn’t always perfect – sometimes feelings get hurt or there’s conflict. If we are all genuinely pursuing Jesus, though, we will also be pursuing unity, understanding, empathy, forgiveness, and compassion. Community is necessary to growth, I believe. We need to take care of one another.

And – we will encourage one another TOWARDS Jesus and looking more like Him. Sin IS deceitful. I hope my tribe calls me out on it so I’m not deceived!

P~ Thank You for community and for my tribe. Help me to encourage others daily so none of us are deceived, and help me to receive from others so I stay on track. I love You!

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