June 1 Proverbs 19,20,21; Romans 13

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Get Smart | guest post

S~ Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. Proverbs 19:20 (NLT)

O~  “Get” – make an effort to acquire, purchase, grab, obtain; requires action/move

“all the advice and instruction” – godly wisdom, The Word, books, scholars, godly people (counsel)

“you can” – that which is possible for oneself to do; to the full extent possible by your effort; action is required.

“so you will be wise” – more than just smart; you are able to apply the knowledge you obtained.

“the rest of your life” – from now and unto eternity.

A~ Action is required on my part.  Throughout the Proverbs I read about fools who do nothing, and gain nothing – nothing of value, and nothing lasting.  A wise person (one who has applied her knowledge to the way she lives) continues to pursue even more wisdom.  She never stops learning.

But this requires effort.  I think there are times I’m too lazy to go out and seek wisdom; I want it to come to me. But Your Word reminds me to seek You while you can still be found (Is. 55:6), and that I will seek you and find you, when I seek you with all my heart (Jer. 29:13).  When.  When I seek, then I will find. But effort is required on my part.

I used to think I had to want it, in order to do it. But sometimes, you have to do the thing first, and let your mind/emotions catch up.  My pursuit of wisdom – of You – is a beautiful journey.  One where you meet me along the way.  You share in my discoveries. You rejoice at my findings.  Together.  That’s really the point, isn’t it?  That we do it together.

I have been in so much of a hurry – all my life – to get things done, I missed the beauty of the search – the things You wanted to show me along the way. I thought I could just learn something and be done – like a check in the box on a task list. But Your wisdom, the knowledge that comes from You is different.  It’s about the intimacy that comes from spending time with someone.  It’s about the relationship.

That’s why Your Word is alive – why Your words are timeless and endless – because each word, each thought, each idea, each piece of wisdom and knowledge – they are meant to breathe life into something new.  It’s never stale, never “leftover.”  Always fresh.  Always “new.”  As I learn from You, You give me “new” thoughts, “new” ideas, “new” life.

But effort is required on my part.  I must do the seeking.

P~ Holy Spirit,

I need your help.  Coming out of depression is like hitting the “reset” button on my mind, and the way I used to do things.  I want to do things differently this time. I want to seek You first.  With ALL my heart and ALL my soul.  Call to me. Help me to respond to You.  Breathe on these embers in my heart – blow it into a raging fire. A passion so raw and real for You that it consumes all of me – and singes those who come close.  Let it be contagious.  Let others who are around me, only see You in me.  That I may become less and less, and You become more and more.  Great is Your name, Jesus!  The Name above all names. The Lord above all lords.  Jesus.  My friend. My Savior. My God.  I love you. Amen.

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