May 1 1 Chronicles 14,15; Psalm 132; Matthew 18

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Who’s in Charge? | Michelle Myers

S~ And David knew that the LORD had established him as king over Israel and that his kingdom had been highly exalted for the sake of his people Israel. 1 Chronicles 14:2 (NIV)

O~ David knew that what was given to him, was given to him by God for a special purpose.

A~ I know that I am in charge of my children.  You have given them to me, for a special purpose.

So, I was not only taken aback and a little dumb founded yesterday, when I got a note from my youngest daughter’s friend in regards to the sleepover we told her that she could not attend.  The note told me how my daughter, along with some other girls would be going home with her the day of the sleep over.  She told me that they would be having lunch at her house, her mom is taking them skating, and that they would be getting their homework done.  They are all planning on having a great time.  Then she said, “Thank you for your understanding.” and signed the note.

After reading it, I thought, “Um, what just happened here?” and “Who does she think she is?”  Then came the standard thought of, “What is wrong with kids these days?”  My husband and I both agreed, when we were kids, that no meant no.  It stunk, but we knew pushing it would only take it to another level of ugly that we didn’t want to have to deal with.  And telling one of our friend’s parents how it was going to be, didn’t even cross our mind.  Not that we always listened, didn’t try and get away with stuff, etc.; but this was a new level I didn’t even consider participating in as a child or having to deal with as a parent.

This wasn’t even MY child telling me what she was going to do.  It was her friend telling me what MY child was going to do.  This just confirmed my beliefs about this young lady being controlling and manipulative.

P~ Oh, goodness God!  Please help us all.  The parents raising kids in the world today, and the kids being raised in the world today.  Thank you for giving us Eryn, and help her remember who “rules” over her.  Her friend’s parents seem like very nice, well rounded people.  Please guide my husband in what to say, when he address this issue with them and confirms with them, that Eryn will not be attending the sleepover.

Humility for the Victory | Joni Tyner

S~ and once again David asked God what to do. “Do no attack them straight one.”, God replied. “Instead, circle around behind and attack them near the poplar trees.” 1 Chronicles 14:14 (NLT)

O~ David is King of Israel and has had great war victories.  In verse 14,  it shows, he was continuing to be humble and ask God for guidance.  He didn’t assume that the previous victories he had were the only way to do it.  He continued to be receptive of the Lord’s leading.

A~ I am constantly amazed how reading the Old Testament applies to what I am going through.   Here is David, handsome, rich, the anointed King with many successes and he gets word that the Phillistines are going to attack.  He doesn’t respond with emotion and impulsiveness, but first asks God what to do.  I can’t assume that what was successful with a certain circumstance in the past is the way God will always want me to handle something.  I need to be quiet and humble and seeking His guidance to remain in His will.  I can’t expect victory in an area of my life just because it worked in the past.

P~ Dear Lord, keep my heart humble to Your ways.  Infuse me with contentment and patience as the storms hit me. I want to be found a faithful servant to You.

See and Learn | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ Then he issued these instructions: “When we transport the Ark of God this time, no one except the Levites may carry it.  The Lord has chosen them to carry the Ark of the Lord and to minister before him forever.”   1 Chronicles 15:2 (NLT)

O~  The first time the Ark of God was carried improperly there were fatal consequences and this verse shows that David learned from that.

A~ I learned from a past experience that I need to be honest with myself and others with what I am able to do for them.  I don’t want to keep repeating the same mistake, but instead see it and learn from my mistakes.

P~ Dear Father, please help me to see and learn.  Please give me wisdom for this situation.

My Kids | Nikki Metzger

S~ In the same way, it is not My heavenly Father’s will that even one of these little ones should perish.  Matthew 18:14 (NLT)

O~ This is after Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep.  God rejoices when the one lost comes to Him.

A~ Sometimes I forget that God has stuff covered, like teaching my children about Himself.  It’s God’s heart that no one perishes.  He desires that, even more than me for my kids. I fear that all this talking at home, to school, doing life about the things of Jesus, grace, faith is falling on the deaf ears of my children.  These conversations of dealing with hard teachers, why short shorts (modesty) matters, and how friendships play a big part on the path of life.  All I’m getting is eye rolls, and ‘OK, mom.’

I really wonder, will they get it?  Will they open their hearts and let Jesus seep to their souls?  Oh, I pray they do and I worry they won’t.  Sometimes, we’ll be talking and as our discussion goes, I’ll think, ‘I’m failing as a spiritual leader and mom in pointing my kids to Christ.’

But really the truth is that I will fail, because I’m a sinner and I keep messing up even though I’m growing closer to Jesus every day.  Jesus brings something crazy to relationships: unfailing love and unending grace.   And I also know God’s heart: He doesn’t want my kids to perish.  He will pursue them and teach them and grow them in ways that are impossible for me to think of.  I trust that!

P~ Father, thank You for loving my kids more than me!  The next time I feel like I’m failing my kids, help me to remember this verse.  Help me to remember who You are!  Please Lord, help me to plant seeds into my kids.  God, You know my heart about these kids, I love them sooooooo very much!  Thank You for them!!




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