February 24 Numbers 14-16; Mark 3

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Repentance and Excuses | Nikki Metzger

S~ The Lord is slow to anger and filled with unfailing love, forgiving every kind of sin and rebellion.  But He does not excuse the guilty. Numbers 14:18a (NLT)

O~ Moses is quoting the Lord, reminding Him of His power.  I know the Lord knew how powerful He was, but in this passage, Moses is interceding for the people.

A~ Something I’ve never really thought about in this passage.  The Lord forgives every kind of sin and rebellion.  But the people who sin and rebel are guilty.  Yet, they aren’t labeled as guilty.

I wonder if God is showing what the hearts look like between the guilty and forgiven people?  The guilty give the Lord excuses for their sin and rebellion.  The forgiven give the Lord repentance and humility for their sin and rebellion.

I always have excuses inside my head and heart for my sin: I was exhausted, so I snapped at the kids.  I had a horrible day at work, so I ate the box of cookies.  That person really hurt my feelings, so I am going to give them the silent treatment for a week. Those are excuses.  Excuses from my sin separate me from the ability to repent and humble myself.  When I have an excuse, my sin becomes ‘not my fault’, so really there is no reason to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

Having a heart full of excuses is not the Lord’s best for me.  Laying my sin down, repenting and asking forgiveness is His best for me!

P~ Father, when an excuse rises up in me to justify my behavior or attitude or thoughts, PLEASE, remind of this truth!  In Jesus’ Name I pray! Amen!

Wholehearted Trust | Kim Chipman

S~ But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it. Numbers 14:24 (NIV)

O~ Some men were sent to explore Canaan, and they gave a report that the people were big and strong and they should be afraid. Joshua and Caleb, however, encouraged the Israelites that the land was good, and with the Lord they would be fine, and not to be afraid. The Lord was angry that the people did not trust Him even though they had seen His power displayed over and over again. The Lord would not allow any of them to enter the promised land – except Joshua and Caleb – and here Caleb is singled out as having a different spirit, wholeheartedly sold out to God.

A~ This is so encouraging to me. Sometimes it feels like I am all alone running after You. I don’t thing that’s true, but sometimes it is how I feel. I’m sure Caleb felt that way – and he was right! Caleb, Joshua and Moses seem to be the only men in the millions of Israelites who wholeheartedly trust You.

But You see.

You saw Caleb. And You see me.

It doesn’t really matter if millions of people are going one direction…if You are asking me to go the other, my desire is to follow You. To trust You. Not the crowd.

P~ Lord, give me the strength to trust You wholeheartedly and follow You even when I feel alone. I love You!

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  1. Nikki, that was super powerful, I never really thought about it before, but when we give excuses, we are saying, “it’s not my fault” and so, like you said, we aren’t being humble or receptive to the Lord’s correction.

    I’m really going to ponder on this thought today.

    Oh, I happened to click on the side tab of the visual verse of the day. The photography is awesome, I would LOVE to be able to take pictures like that. I love how he matches up a scripture that “goes” with a picture he took. Neat stuff proclaiming God’s beautiful creation. I’m going to focus more on seeing God in the everyday beauty of each moment.

    Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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