February 18 Numbers 3-4; Acts 25

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Just Do It | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ The Lord spoke to Moses…

So Moses counted them, just as the Lord had commanded.

Then the Lord said to Moses…

So Moses counted…, just as the Lord had commanded.

Give the silver to Aaron and his sons…

And Moses gave…as the Lord had commanded.  Numbers 3:14,16,40,42,48,51 (NLT)

O~ Throughout chapters 3 and 4 of Numbers, I read about how God would tell Moses to do something and it was followed by Moses doing it.  Moses just did it.

A~ With God’s help I can do this in my life too.

P~ Dear Father, what a great example of obedience Moses was.  Help me today to 1. Know clearly what you want me to do 2. Spring into action knowing that you will help me with whatever it is.

God of Order | Robin Laney

S~ Then they shall spread over them a cloth of scarlet and cover the same with a covering of goatskin, and shall put in its poles. Numbers 4:8 (ESV)

O~ God is giving directions to Moses and Aaron regarding the movement of the Tent of Meeting.

A~ These first four chapters of Numbers has really highlighted, for me, that our God is One of order and detail. He organized the Israelites into tribes by family, He appointed responsibilities for each group, He assigned specific duties to the Levites to care for the Tabernacle in camp as well as in moving it, He even laid out the pattern of the camp with the Tent at the center and all facing it.

In this particular verse in this translation, a goatskin is used to cover the table of the Presence. In other versions of the Bible, other coverings are mentioned from a dolphin skin, to a sea cow, to a piece of fine leather. I’m not sure what the cover actually was but what this instruction shows me is that God is a God of details. He cares about them. He gives direction to His people and He expects obedience. He has reasons for His plans and though we might not understand them, our fear of Him and honor for Him brings about our obedience to Him.

P~ Father, thank You that You are so completely engaged in the details of our lives. Thank You for this picture of Your care and Your character. When things here are chaotic, I find peace in knowing that You are not a God of chaos but of order. You steady my heart.

Understanding | Nikki Metzger

S~ Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.  ~ Proverbs 18:2 (NLT)  **Sometimes I read the proverb that has the same number as that day if nothing really speaks to me that morning**

O~ Is political season over?  No more debates, no more news about people wanting to air their own opinion.

A~ Fools have no interest in understanding, they just want to share their opinions and ideas.  I think of politicians when I read that, but could I also fall into this category?  Maybe my kids would say that, people I work with. But to not understand someone or something is foolish.  However, understanding or trying to understand takes time.  It takes an investment.  It takes an interest in the other person.

Sometimes I think if I try to understand someone or something, then I need to solve their problem or fix them.  But that’s just not true. When Chad comes home and tells me about a difficult situation at work, I immediately want to tell him what to do or say, basically, I want to air my opinion.  The Lord says that is foolish.  I need to understand first…ask questions about the situation, who is involved, is this situation a big deal or small deal.  Gaining understanding takes time.

Gaining understanding takes time, usually it takes time from me.  Time from cooking dinner, paying bills, getting ready for practice, my ‘quiet’ relax time, really it takes time away from anything on my agenda.

P~ Lord, I give my life to You!  I trust in You, my God!  You created time, so my time is really Yours anyway!  Lord, I want to understand those around me.  Please teach me how to ask questions that lead to understanding.  Do not let me become a foolish person who airs their own opinion!  I pray this in Jesus’ Name!

Courage to Stand | Kelley Deases

S~ Paul answered: “I am now standing before Caesar’s court, where I ought to be tried. I have not done any wrong to the Jews, as you yourself know very well.” Acts 25:10 (NIV)

O~ Many of the people God chose to put in His Word as “Divine mentors” seem very flawed, very human. We can relate with reluctant and insecure leaders like Moses, and Jesus’ disciples, who, at least initially, failed to grasp what they were witnessing and spent their time arguing who was the greatest, falling asleep when asked to stay awake, and scattering at the first sign of trouble. But Paul, after Jesus first got his attention on the road to Damascus, was sold out in his message and his mission. I can scarcely imagine that kind of courage.

A~ Paul is willing to make a defense for his faith, for his God, for the benefit of those who heard him, at the cost of his freedom and even his life. What do I stand up for? Usually, it seems, my rights and my comfort, as against any threats, real or perceived, that rise up. I am quick to defend myself and my actions if I should get called out; but am I quick to defend my God when He is disparaged?

P~ Father, Help me not to be content in finding flaws in the characters I meet on the pages of Your Word, complacent in the knowledge they were imperfect like I am imperfect. Embolden me as I read of the courage of conviction Paul brought to his ministry — Your ministry.

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