February 1 Exodus 30-32; Acts 8

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Going With the Flow! | Michelle Myers

S~ Aaron must burn fragrant incense on the altar every morning when he tends the lamps.  He must burn incense again when he lights the lamps at twilight so incense will burn regularly before the LORD for the generations to come. Exodus 30:7-8 (NIV)

O~ This entire section of the Old Testament, from the specific building and decorating instructions given by God to the consistent, daily ceremonial things people must do… BLOWS. MY. MIND.

Did Moses and the others have to write this all down?  Did God give them the instructions, one step at a time?  Did their family members interrupt them repeatedly?  How did they do it ALL when the twists and turns of life just happened?

A~ First, I am so thankful for Jesus and the New Testament.  Without it, in our world and society today, I probably would have had to tell YOU, “Um….I know these things are crucial, but You are just going to have to strike me dead, because I can’t do ALL of this every morning and on a regular basis.”  I mean no disrespect, but it is CRAZY!!

Of course, You already knew that, and that is one of the many reasons as to why You sent Jesus. You already knew that the terms “every” and “regular” imply consistency; and in this broken world it would be a difficult thing to achieve.  No matter how hard I try to achieve it, there will always be circumstances that……come up at the last minute, cause me to have to re-prioritize my day, or give up my plans all together.

You have blessed me with the ability to stay home.  That is a gift, because when I was working, it was a lot harder to manage and prioritize life outside of my job.  Jesus’ sacrifice and the free gift of grace, have made it possible for me to “go with the flow”.  If I couldn’t do that, I probably would have had a nervous break down by now…just being honest.

P~ Thank you God for Jesus and the free gift of grace.  The last few weeks, I have had a lot of unexpected situations thrown at me, and that is just the way life is.  Keeping them in perspective, none of them have been life threatening, just more of a nuisance.  Please heal Eryn of the itchy hives she developed, that sent us to an unexpected Dr.’s appointment on Friday. Please help Corinne find the sophomore registration papers that she lost.  Please help her navigate the girl drama that had the principal calling me on Thursday, and her texting me that she wanted to come home on Friday and transfer to a different school.  Please help her know how wonderful and beautiful she is in YOUR eyes, as well as in her family’s eyes; and help her find her tribe of good, loyal peers that will also recognize these qualities in her.  Also, please take care of my husband, as he has been working a lot of hours, doing taxes part time.

And, as I have had numerous interruptions this morning, while trying to type this, thank you for reminding me that the library opens at 1:00.  I can turn my phone down, go there alone, and focus on what I need to do for YOU.  You also reminded me, how of much of a wonderful blessing it is, to have a family that would notice if I went missing. 🙂

The Sabbath | Joni Tyner

S~ You have six days each week for your ordinary work, but the seventh day must be a Sabbath day of complete rest, a holy day dedicated to the LORD. Exodus 31:15 (NLT)

O~ God is giving instruction to make the Sabbath a holy day and a day of rest.

A~ This is not the first time I’ve journaled about the Sabbath.  I do want to rest, yet the busy-body in me always seems to creep in and sabotage my rest.  This is God’s gift to me—I should embrace it and take full advantage of it!   Here a few guidelines I’ve tried to follow in regards to Sunday—the Sabbath.

  1. I read God’s Word before church and journal on a passage the speaks to me.
  2. Attend church.
  3. Plan simple meals that make cleanup a breeze.
  4. Avoid shopping on Sundays.  (this is the area I need to re-commit) It can be a big time waster and I prefer to save these  for activities for other day in the week.
  5. I will often do an enjoyable activity—for me I love going to Zumba.  It makes me smile and laugh and refills my “cup”.  I also like having some downtime with my husband and just hanging out at home and being together.

P~ Dear Lord, I know that You desire to have my heart, not just have me check off a set of Sabbath rules.  I believe that one of the keys to a thriving, joyful relationship with You is to stay connected and also to rest.  Thank you for this gift, I pray I’ll be able to embrace it and it will deepen my fellowship with You.

Remember | Kim Chipman

S~ When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron and said, “Come, make us gods who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who brought us up out of Egypt, we don’t know what has happened to him.” Exodus 32:1 (NIV)

O~ Moses was up on Mount Sinai talking to the Lord. Ex 24:18 says he was up there for 40 days and nights getting instructions for the Tabernacle and its furnishings, the Sabbath, and tablets of covenant law. They got tired of waiting and asked Aaron to make them a god (an idol). So he did.

A~ While 40 days and nights is a long time, it’s hard at times for me to understand how these people, who had seen so many miracles from You through Moses (and refers to him as “this fellow Moses”, what!?), could turn so quickly. Then I remember – I’m not much different really. I doubt, question, get my feathers ruffled, and feel like the sky is falling pretty quickly! Just like the Israelites I need to *remember* all You’ve done for me, and not turn to other things when answers take too long!

P~ Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief! Help me in the areas I doubt. Grow my trust in You deep. I love You!

You Know Everything About Me | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ Then the Lord told Moses, “Quick! Go down the mountain! The people you brought from Egypt have defiled themselves. They have already turned from the way I commanded them to live.  They have made an idol shaped like a calf, and they have worshiped and sacrificed to it. They are saying, ‘these are your gods, O Israel, who brought you out of Egypt.’”   Exodus 32:7,8 (NLT)

O~ Moses was up the mountain for a long time.  Too long for the people as they asked Aaron to make them gods to lead them since they didn’t know what happened to Moses. God told Moses to go down and then told him everything the people did.

A~ God knew exactly what the people did. He knows everything about me; what I think, what I say, what I do, what’s deep in my heart AND he loves me!

P~ Jesus, you know everything about me…even better than I do.  Things that surprise me about myself, you already know and I don’t have to be ashamed, afraid or hide because you already knew this and you love me.  Thank you.

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