November 6 Job 30; Psalms 120; Galatians 3,4

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I Search For Peace | Kim Chipman

S~ I am tired of living among people who hate peace. I search for peace; but when I speak of peace, they want war! Psalm 120:6-7 (NLT)

O~ My study Bible says: “Peace-making is not always popular…The glory of battle is in the hope of winning, but someone must be a loser. The glory of peacemaking is that it may actually produce 2 winners.”

A~ I feel like this is where I am in my home these days. They hate peace! All of them! Everyone just wants it their way and needs to be RIGHT. Who cares! If everyone just gives a little so we meet in the middle we will ALL be good. We can all win, people! The goal should not be to make yourself look good at someone else’s expense. Throwing someone under the bus just makes you look mean, not like you’re ‘all that’.

And let’s talk a little bit about our space while we’re at it. We ALL live here! It wouldn’t kill you to pick something up or toss a dish in the dishwasher EVEN IF IT ISN’T YOURS! I do it all the time without requesting the award of a gold medal! We’re a family! Help out for the greater good for goodness sake! Blaming someone else all the time gets you nowhere. My job is to raise you into functioning adults who love God and love others. If you continually blame others instead of taking ownership of your life we are going to be stuck at teenagers a very long time.

I am tired of living among people who hate peace. Quit arguing. Quit blaming. Quit the entitlement. Remember who you are! We are all the same! Sinners in need of God’s grace. He gives it to us…let’s start giving it to each other! Argh!

End Rant.

P~ Whew! Sorry, God. I really do desire a home that is peaceful, but I often feel like I’m the only one. Everyone else just wants to be right and blame someone else for everything. Reveal to my heart HOW to be a peacemaker in my home. For Your glory. I love You!

Never By Human Effort | Joni Tyner

S~ After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort? Galatians 3:3  (NLT)

O~ Paul is teaching to the Galatians.  They began faith in Jesus Christ but started to add  “rules” to the Christian faith, many of which came from their Jewish background. (example: requiring Gentiles to be circumcised).   Paul is reminding the Galatians that it is ONLY what Jesus did on the cross, it is NOT what they do by their own effort.

A~ As I’ve shared in previous posts, I’ve grown in my Christian walk since I started opening the Bible for myself and reading and then journaling.  I’ve been convicted of certain sin in my life and have imperfectly tried to live out a lifestyle that I believe is honoring to the Lord.  I do this because I want to, I want to give back an expression of love to Him, it truly isn’t because I want more “brownie points”.


This past June, I got hit with a tough family circumstance with one of my kids.  It was a big blow to me personally and I found myself blaming God.  The night of the actual offense, I audibly said to God in a very sarcastic tone, “thanks a lot God, this is what you give me for loving you and doing____, and  ______, and _____.?

I have a lump in my chest as I write this because of the shame I feel for feeling like I was entitled to a blessed life. I thought God “owed” me for doing good things for the Kingdom.   I knew it was wrong as I thought it, but the Deceiver took my weakness and weaved more doubt and lies in my head.

I came to the conclusion that God was permanently “mad” at me—and by golly, I’m not gonna keep doing things for Him.  Within about 24 hours, I “resigned” from writing for Discover One Thing, I quit my volunteer work at church, I un-programmed KLOVE from my radio and replaced it with an 80’s station.  I intentionally called and made plans with a friend I knew didn’t attend church to go for a bike ride on Sunday morning so that I had a “legitimate” excuse to not be in church.   I decided to stop “doing” things for God.

It lasted 3 days…

I was miserable without Jesus. 😦 I craved my friends that loved Jesus.  I missed singing to KLOVE in my car and finding joy in the crap of daily stuff.

This is why it lasted just 3 miserable days before I repented and begged God for forgiveness.  I had received the Holy Spirit into my life with I trusted the Lord for my Savior.  I can’t “kick” him out.  He. Is. FOREVER. There.   …and He relentlessly pursued my heart to come back into fellowship with Him.  I know God is big enough to handle my anger and doubt and parenting frustrations.  I think He maybe shakes His head and  says, “me too,–I’ve been there and watched lots of my kids mess up.  I identify with your disappointment.  I’ve got a plan,  hold on to Me and we are going to walk this together.  I’ve built up your faith for this season in the desert—we are going to overcome the Deceiver.”

P~ Dear Lord, once again, I’m overwhelmed by Your love for me.  I don’t deserve any blessings—yet you daily give me strength.  I know you are passionately pursuing my kids in Your way, in Your timing.  I am slooooowly learning that this is Your plan, not mine and I need to just get out of the way and let You do Your thing. I love You and I thank you for choosing me and loving me too much to let me wander far from You.

Child and Heir, no big deal 😉 | Nikki Metzger

S~ Now you are no longer a slave but God’s own child.  And since you are His child, God has made you His heir.  ~Galatians 4:7 (NLT)

O~ I am not a slave, I’m God’s child!  Because I’m His child, I’m His heir, so what God has is also mine!  Whoa!!

A~ There is this holy confidence in me that is growing.  The only thing that I’ve done to let it grow is to decide to believe what God says about me, but mostly believe what He says about Himself. I am God’s kid and His heir!  I’m pretty darn special and so very important to Him!  He has plans for me that are good, I have a future and a hope!  And because my Father is awesome and amazing and bigger than anything I can even wrap my mind around…

He has this heart toward all His kids!

When I forget who I really am, I slip into ‘slave’ mode.  I actually start living as a slave being driven by old masters: food, control, pride.  ‘Slave’ mode is lies….it’s like doing ‘slave’ work in my princess dress with my Father’s crown on my head….it just doesn’t make sense.

P~ Abba, Father…I LOVE YOU!  Thank You for calling me as Your own and Your heir!  Grow my heart to live and think and feel and respond as Your kid and heir!

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  1. Joni, wow. I journaled about the same kinds of things, but couldn’t get my words put together coherently in time to post. Here’s the paragraph where I basically say – yep, I’ve been exactly where you were. Joni, I think this is a crucial, maturing-of-faith moment that happens to nearly every sincere Christ-follower at some point or another. He rips apart our small, controllable view of Him (that we don’t even know we have) and in turn, gives us a renewed faith (to me, it almost felt like an entirely new faith) to trust Him implicitly, even when things don’t work out. It’s hard and beautiful. And you stayed there for three days – I wish I could say my stay was that brief. :s

    Not so very long ago, I thought that if I lived a supremely good Christian life, I would somehow get more of God – more favor, more answers to prayer, more of Him. Even though I didn’t tie the acts to my salvation itself, I did tie them to my relationship with Christ. It was a slippery slope where I began to think I could control God by my behavior (I would never have said that aloud! Or even thought it in those terms. But my actions and perspective said it loud and clear). When God supremely disappointed me by not answering my prayers, I resented Him. I was doing all the right things – why wasn’t He showing up? Because my relationship with Him is not determined by what I do – it grows more as I trust and love Him more… which naturally LEADS to a changed life with different actions… a life changed by GRACE not by WORKS. With this perspective, when life’s disappointments arrive, I don’t have to wonder what I did wrong. I can simply trust that God sees and knows and is working out His good in a way I don’t yet understand. The pressure is off.

    Yes, I am called to a transformed life. Yes, that takes discipline and changes of behavior. That’s all very good. But all those disciplines, all those deeds, don’t change my status with God, and they don’t change Him, either. My status is sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ, who is Perfect, even when I don’t understand Him. He’s even perfectly able to take my resentment and turn it into something beautiful: a deeper, more mysterious faith and trust.

  2. Kim, i seem to live in your world TOO!!! Great, i feel like I am double blessed to have all of this growth opportunity. :O

    Honestly, that has been the hardest, most authentic post I’ve ever written. And, i still carry the shame of it all and can’t bring myself to share, “the rest of the story”. 😦

  3. Aww Kim and Joni, I know I have been right where both of your are and were. I love you both! Thanks for being so honest.

  4. God bless you Kim! That is hard.

    My heart goes out to you Joni.Thanks for your honesty. There is no where else to turn. He is the only source of life and hope. It’s so wonderful to know He won’t let us go!
    I pray God will give you grace for this situation.

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