November 3 Job 25; Mark 13,14

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So Unworthy | Jill Terry

S~ How then can a mortal be righteous before God? How can one born of woman be pure? Job 25:4 (NIV)

O~ No one is righteous. No one is pure. No one is worthy of God’s grace except Jesus. How dare we even show our faces to God and ask for His favor! We are all so incredibly unworthy.

A~ I am not worthy to receive God’s love or favor. I am unworthy to receive blessings or to expect answered prayers. Yet, You gave us Your son Jesus to pay the price of my sin. Jesus paid the ultimate price for sin by dying a death I deserved, so that I would one day be able to come to Him with praise and petition without the need of a mediator. The absolute grace Jesus has offered every single person is sometimes so overwhelming, it is hard to comprehend.

P~ Thank you Jesus for Your sacrifice and Your grace. I cannot imagine what life would look like without Your resurrection as part of the story. I love You. Amen!

Deceiver | Kim Chipman

S~ For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. Mark 13:22 (NLT)

O~ This is Jesus speaking. He is instructing Peter, James, John and Andrew about the future. No one will know when the 2nd coming is going to happen. No one. But there will be signs, and He is warning them. Jesus warns us to be prepared, on guard and alert! He also warns about false prophets.

A~ It seems the evil one – the Accuser, the Deceiver, Satan – is continually trying to deceive. He will do anything to slowly and sneakily pull me away from You – I get too busy…I think things that are close to truth but not quite…I feel frustrated/annoyed/overwhelmed/discouraged…Your peace keeps me coming to You. When I lose peace I know I need to spend time with You.

Buying lies is MUCH easier when I don’t remain in Your truth. I forget, quickly…drift…I don’t want to be deceived. I know the Deceiver can draw me away, though…one small step at a time…

Primarily I need Your Word. Your truth. I need to know. I need to remember. I must take each thought captive. I must remain continually connected to Your truth.

P~ Thank You for Your Word. Your truth. And for the Holy Spirit to lead me there. Help me to remain, to not drift (too far anyway), choose obedience…choose Your best, not just good enough but best. I love You!

Jesus Warned Us | Michelle Myers

S~ So be careful, I have warned you about all this before it happens. Mark 13:23 (NCV)

O~ Jesus is warning His disciples about how bad the end times will be.

A~ I hate being blind sided. I feel slapped in the face. My mind goes haywire. My heart becomes sad and starts to sink. Then, hurt, confusion, and frustration set in. For me, it is emotionally, one of the worst places to be. You have given me many people and situations that have left me feeling blind sided. It don’t like it, but it has made me stronger and wiser.

P~ Thank you God for Your love. Please continue to strengthen me and help me grow, when it comes to people and situations that blind side me.

Sleeping on the Job | Kelley Deases

S~ If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping.  Mark 13:36 (NIV)

O~  Jesus is speaking to his disciples about the end times.  They are desperate for answers about the when and the how.  But Jesus emphasizes how they should stand alert and ready more so than providing them with an exact date and time.  This is information even Christ Himself is not privy to.  Only the Father knows.  We need to just keep our eyes open. Jesus makes the comparison to a homeowner who leaves his property in the care of his servants while he goes away.  Each has an assigned job to perform, with one servant at the door keeping watch.  Jesus urges us not to fall asleep and be caught unawares since we do not know when the owner will return.

A~  I still remember one time, when I was about thirteen or so, my mom’s best friend asked me to babysit her only son, who was only a couple years younger than me but still not old enough to be left home alone.  While I had done lots of babysitting before and since, and was actually quite in demand with several young families who had me on speed dial, I think I took this job lightly because it was a family friend and, after all, it was only one kid. Easy peezy!  Well, to this day, I still cringe to think of it, but when my mom’s friend and her husband came home at the end of the evening, they found me asleep on the couch in the basement.  I have no idea where the boy was or what he was doing!  How awkward for everyone that the parents had to wake me up, pay me for my time, and drive me home.  As you might imagine, they did not require my services again after that.  Uhhhhg!

This is exactly what Jesus is talking about — don’t be caught sleeping and not living a God-honoring life.  He could come back at any time!

P~  Father, Thank You for this memory.  While it was a regrettable moment to be sure, it drives home this spiritual reality:  Christ is coming and I won’t want to miss out!

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