October 30 Job 21; Mark 5,6

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Sometimes, I’m so Ungrateful | Jill Terry

S~ Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power? They see their children established around them, their offspring before their eyes. Their homes are safe and free from fear;the rod of God is not on them. Their bulls never fail to breed; their cows calve and do not miscarry. Job 21:7-10

O~ Wicked people seem to do so well in life, their children, their businesses and their finances seemingly thrive. So often, their lives seem so easy and yet they do not seem to believe in Jesus. It is so very hard to understand. Why does it seem that everything goes so smooth for non-believers?

A~ My husband tells me that these people are receiving an earthly reward now instead of an eternal reward later. I don’t know if that is completely accurate, but if it is which would I prefer? Temporary rewards now or eternal rewards later? I know that I truly want the eternal reward, however sometimes it is very hard to look past the earthly blessings towards eternity with Jesus when life becomes so difficult. It frustrates me to no end that sometimes I desire an easier life now and I am not always 100% grateful for my relationship and my future with Jesus.

P~ Jesus, I’m sorry I am such a whiner. I do not mean to sound so ungrateful for Your utter sacrifice for me. Amen

He’s Got This | Robin Laney

S~ Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since he judges even the highest? Job 21:22 (NIV)

O~ Job’s friend, Zophar, has just tried to convince him that evil people don’t prosper and Job counters with the truth that they surely do. He doesn’t understand why it is that those who dismiss God enjoy the good things of this life but he defers to God’s wisdom, knowledge, and fairness. Job trusts that God knows what he is doing with men, here on earth, and that He will be just in the end.

A~ It is so hard to look at the injustices of this world. People starving, beaten, enslaved, murdered while so many thrive and even profit from these miseries. Rulers prospering while their people are dying. Kids abandoned and abused by parents who receive no punishment. Lives lived out mocking God yet reaping great wealth and power. It is upside down and painful and horribly sad.

I often let my mind drift to the whys. Why did Cindy have to die so young and leave her two girls and her husband? Why does Hadiya have to struggle alone through life? Why can’t she and Abigail come here? Why do so many drink dirty water and starve while we throw food away and swim in pools filled with clean water? Why do some have so much and others have so little?

I could drive myself crazy trying to figure it all out. I have no answers but I trust that God does. He sees the big picture. He is sovereign over all. Our lives here seem long to us but they are but a blip in all of time. The peace I have comes from knowing that He gives us power and opportunity to right some wrongs now and, in the end, all will be made right by Him.

P~ Father, give me faith and trust in You knowing that You are Creator, Sustainer, and Judge. Let me rest in knowing that someday all of the sad things will come untrue. In the meantime, open my eyes and ears and heart to those around me, give me strength and courage to help where I can and equip me to relieve the burdens of this life for others so that they will find the Hope I have in You for themselves.

Unbelief | Nikki Metzger

S~ And because of their unbelief, He couldn’t do any miracles among them except to place His hands on a few sick people and heal them.  And He was amazed at their unbelief. Mark 6:5,6a (NLT)

O~ Jesus is back in His hometown, teaching and healing.  Yet, the people were offended with Him and didn’t believe.  Because of that, they missed out on the miracles.

A~ I see a connection in Scripture about unbelief and lack of miracles.  Where there isn’t belief, there isn’t miracles.  Nazareth missed out!

I want to brainstorm my unbeliefs in life:  inability to get healthy/lose weight, true change in relationships, my initial response to stress as an emotional mess vs. getting on my knees in prayer, or that I can change the way I think about some things.

But is my unbelief blinding me somehow to the miracles that God and Jesus want to do in my life?  I don’t want Jesus amazed at my unbelief anymore!

P~ Father, help my unbelief!  It’s been so long on so many things!  Thank You!

Food Ministry | Joni Tyner

S~ Jesus gave them strict orders to not tell anyone what had happened, and then he told them to give her something to eat. Mark 5:43 (NLT)

O~ Jesus has just overheard  a messenger telling Jairus, a leader of the synagogue that his 12 year old daughter has died.  He goes to their house and tells the crowd to leave.  Then, he goes to the girl and tells her to get up—and she does!!! She begins to walk around and everyone is completely amazed.  Before leaving the house, Jesus tells them to not tell anyone and to feed her.

A~ A couple of things I’m pondering.  First, Jairus was a leader in the synagogue, I wonder if he was one the priests that tried to discredit Jesus through tricks and conspiracy.  Since Jesus is God and all-knowing, He absolutely would have known Jairus’s heart—I think based on this scripture, he gave grace and forgiveness and saw a devastated, grieving parent who desperately needed some compassion.  My application is that I  should see past people’s tricky actions and realize they probably have heartbreaks too.

Second thought.  Jesus told people not to talk about what had happened.  I wonder if maybe he wanted to keep what happened private because He didn’t want people choosing to follow Him for His ability to do miracles.  He isn’t a magician and He’s much more than a miracle worker, He is God and He deserves our devotion and love. We should never pray and follow Him with the only goal of what He can do for us.

Lastly.  I love how He told them, “give her something to eat.”   Okay, I think me and Jesus are kindred spirit cuz I like to feed people too.  I was talking with a friend today about another friend who is going through another, super-tough, unexpected trial.  We discussed bringing her some food.  I joked with her that I do the “food thing” for people so often, I’m sure God will put me on kitchen duty someday in Heaven.   But seriously, I see this as yet another example that we need to provide for people’s physical needs.  Yes, let’s pray and worship and encourage one another, but…hey…people have to eat too—we need to be practical and take care of people’s needs.

P~ Dear Lord,  I want to emulate Your actions of love and compassion that are in Mark 5.  My heart is breaking tonight and I don’t understand why my dear friend Diane has yet another difficult trial to endure.  I pray for her, may You boldly and completely heal her!!! I pray that this latest development in her brain tumor is an easy fix and there are minimal side effects.  Lord, please generously cover their family with your love and your healing.   I believe you are a God that compassionately knows and cares about all of life’s details.  Please carry them through this scary time.

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