October 23 Job 13,14; Acts 17,18

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Examine Scripture Every Day | Kelley Deases

S~  Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.  Acts 17:11 (NIV)

O/A ~  Isn’t that what we all, as earnest seekers of God’s truth, need to do — examine the Scriptures every day to see if what     (fill in the blank)   said was true?  Before we get too enamored with any political candidate, celebrity, talk show host, or even pastor, we should be consulting the Source of Truth for ourselves to figure out what God has to say.  Through His Word, I believe, He will not only reveal truth from deception, but speak to us personally about what it is He wants us to focus our attention on.  Whatever the “issue of the day” is on the political campaign or in the news media may or may not be the issue God wants to deal with me about today.

P~  Father, as we seek to engage the culture, give us the discernment You make available through Your Word.  Help us determine what is true by examining it in light of Scripture, as opposed to what is trending on social media or what is grabbing headlines.

Imprint on our hearts | Nikki Metzger

S~ Can the dead live again?  If so, this would give me hope through all my years of struggle, and I would eagerly await the release of death. Job 14:14 (NLT)

O~ Job is pouring his heart out to God and his friends about his suffering and sin.  Job truly believes that he is innocent, but doesn’t care anymore.

A~ Job knew God.  Job didn’t know he was in the middle of a spiritual battle between good and evil.  Actually, battle probably isn’t a good description of what was happening.  Satan was causing Job to suffer.

Job didn’t know Jesus either.  Yet, listen to Job’s words, the longings of his heart: can the dead live again, this would give me hope, death wouldn’t scare me.

A pastor spoke about having God’s imprint on us, every human has that imprint, but only one thing can fill that imprint up!  The Lord!!  We humans try and fill it up with worldly things, but it never works. Only faith in Jesus can everything be made new!  Job recognized this so many years ago, even before Jesus came to Earth!

P ~ Lord, I love You!

A Struggling Disciple | Michelle Myers

S~ Every Sabbath day he talked with the Jews and Greeks in the synagogue, trying to persuade them to believe in Jesus. Acts 18:4 (NCV)

O/A~ When it comes to discipleship, I have a hard time.  I know for me, I have had to see YOU and have some discernment about what YOU are doing in my life.  Just telling me to believe is not enough.

I struggle a lot of times with discernment and my life, so I feel like I sound like a nut.  Especially, when talking to someone whose faith is not there, is struggling with the crap addiction brings in their life, or has mainly just a worldly perspective.  And when blindsided by trauma or tragedy, it often is hard for even life long, strong Believers to see YOU in it, in the beginning.  Sometimes, it just seems like such an oxymoron. “God is good.  He loves me and you.  My husband is a sex addict.  I lost my home.  I lost all of my money.  I have no relationship with my extended family, because they are all too dysfunctional.  And honestly, I wasn’t perfect by any means, but I really tried to be loving in the relationships and wise with the finances.  I did more than go to church and sit in a pew each Sunday.  I prayed….A LOT!  I read my Bible….A LOT!  I tried to live it out in my everyday life.  And I am here, and most days feel like a confused mess because of it.  I know God could have prevented it, and didn’t.  But He loves You and me.  One day we won’t feel this pain anymore and all of this YUK will make sense.  So, just hold on and believe. Now, give me a high five and go out into the world and gettem’ tiger.”  Or, instead of the “pep talk discipleship” there is the “condemning and brow beating discipleship”, where,” God hates you. He is punishing you because you are a sinful creature. So, stop sinning, and then He will love you.”  This is totally not me.  I have no conviction in my heart that this is the way I should relate to people in regards to You.

So, I think that is just where my testimony comes in, and telling that, is all I can do.  Life is going to suck sometimes.  There are times that I don’t understand it, nor do I deserve it.  There are times that I suck in how I handle it, my husband, and my kids.  Yet, I am growing, and eventually am able to see YOU in it.  I am getting understanding in what emotionally and spiritually needs to be healed in me, and until that is done, all the other worldly crap won’t matter anyway.  Without that healing, I will always live in fear, condemnation, judgment, etc. and be miserable; regardless of how big my house is, how new my car is, or how much money is in my bank account.

Eventually, some people will be so tired of being sick and tired; they will start to search for YOU themselves, and YOU will start to reveal yourself to them.  They will start to discover YOU, and the role YOU play in their life.

For me, a good part of my testimony is about staying connected to YOU, and doing things YOUR way.  When I don’t, I am more of a mess, and I create more of a mess around me.  There is no peace, stability, or joy that comes from doing it my way.

We also live in a world, where in a 60 minute TV show a psycho can murder 5 people, be discovered, and captured.  We live in a world where I can cook a meal in a microwave or not cook, and pull up to a window to get my family’s dinner.  We live in a world, where people like quick and easy happy endings, and the magic and wonder of fairy tales and fantasies.  And what I am beginning to understand, is that it is out there, sometimes in this world, but usually not quick and easy.  It will definitely be where we are headed, and the quick and easy won’t even matter in the next world.  And to be honest, that is growth for ME, to be able to see beyond what is right here, in this world.

P~ Thank you God for growth.  Please just show me where I am to be, and what YOU want me to do.  Continue to reveal the internal perspective for me, as I can easily get consumed and blinded by what is right here, right now.

Use Scripture! | Kim Chipman

S~ He refuted the Jews with powerful arguments in public debate. Using the Scriptures, he explained to them that Jesus was the Messiah. Acts 18:28 (NLT)

O~ Apollos was “an eloquent speaker who knew the Scriptures well” and traveled around teaching as Paul did.

A~ I am not “an eloquent speaker”, nor am I a seminary trained scholar, but as the days, months, and years go by and I read the Scriptures daily I know them more and more. Sometimes sharing my faith can be a little intimidating…but really it doesn’t need to be. Rev 12:11 says we defeat the Accuse (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by our testimony. I can use my story and Your Word to share who You are. Then I can trust You to do the rest.

P~ Lord, I love You! I want everyone to know You the way that I do! Help me to share without fear. Give me Your words. I love You!

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