October 17 Job 1,2; Acts 6,7

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I Believe | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ But take away everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face!

But take away his health, and he will surely curse you to your face!

Job 1:11 and 2:5  (NLT)

O~  Satan is out to turn us away from God.  Why?  Without God we are vulnerable.  God strengthens us, and our faith (trust in God) is what allows God’s truth, love and help to flow to us.

A~  The circumstances in life are just that, circumstances.  They change. God is the same.  He loves me; he has a plan for my life.  He knows what’s best and he’s always there.  That doesn’t change.  And I need to remember that my faith, me believing all those things about God, is under attack and Satan wants me to believe the opposite.

P~ Dear Father, I love you.  Thank you for always being there.

I Will Praise You in the Storm | Robin Laney

S~ In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. Job 1:22 (NIV)

O~ In one day, Job had 500 oxen, 500 donkeys, and 3,000 camels stolen from him, he lost 7,000 sheep to fire, all but three of his working servants were killed, and his sons and daughters were all killed by a mighty wind when the house they were gathering in collapsed on them. His response? He grieved deeply. When he heard about the deaths of his children, he tore his clothing and shaved his head as an expression of his deep sorrow and then fell to the ground in worship.

In the Jewish tradition, it was common for people to tear their clothing when presented with blasphemy. Some who study the Bible present the possibility that he tore his clothes to fight the blasphemous thoughts that the enemy, who brought all this to bear, was whispering in his ear. Whatever was going through his mind and whatever he might have been fighting internally, what came out of him was extreme grief for what had been lost and a full recognition that what was lost had all been provided to him by God and had been taken away by God. In his humility, he praised God for who He was not just for what He provided nor did he curse Him for taking it all away. He adored God and trusted Him in the midst of this horrific loss.

A~ God has given us a living example of how it looks for a Godly man to face unimaginable loss. Job, like any human, grieved so deeply in his loss but he didn’t sin. What would sin in his grief have looked like? Raising his fist at God for what had happened, blaming others for his loss, screaming profanity, seeking revenge, crumbling under the weight of it all, numbing his pain with alcohol or other means, or maybe retreating into his misery as if he had no God to hold him up?

So what is the proper response when we lose something that we treasure? I believe that it is to be thankful for the time that we had to enjoy the blessing, to submit to God and His Wisdom in allowing the loss knowing that He will bring good out of the trial, to appreciate those He surrounds us with to comfort us, and to have hope in what’s to come.

Wow! That’s a tall order! How did Job get to a place where his first response upon losing everything, including his children, was to fall down in worship? He didn’t just wake up one day without considering God and lose everything and praise Him in the chaos. He was raised believing in God and learning about Him. He had a lifetime of recognizing God’s provision in his life and his own relationship to him. He believed in the need for forgiveness for sin and intercession through prayer and sacrifice as we see in chapter 1 as he prays for his children. The Bible tells us he feared God and shunned evil. He had a lifetime of getting to know God which led to thankfulness and trust in Him.

How do we get to know God on the same level? We learn about Him and His character through His word, through our own experiences with Him, and through the testimonies of others. We grow in thankfulness to Him as we recognize that every good gift is from Him; our very breath is from Him. We consider His wisdom and His sovereignty and who we are to Him. We hope that by building our faith over time that we, too, will respond in praise no matter what this life brings.

P~ God, give me faith to thank you for every blessing and praise You in every storm.

Say Nothing, Just Be Present | Michelle Myers

S~ Then they sat on the ground with Job seven days and seven nights.  No one said a word to him because they saw how much he was suffering. Job 2:13 (NCV)

O~ Sometimes, the best thing we can do for someone else is just be present.

A~ Through my own experiences with other people trying to fix what they can’t, misunderstanding what I nor they have the capacity to understand, and also realizing more and more, how God has revealed Himself to me; I am learning how much of my mouth, I just need to shut.  I am learning that I just need to be present.  I don’t need to give my views, advice, or theology.  There really is something to be said, about saying nothing.

I am also learning this as a parent.  There are a lot of social issues that I can’t fix for my teenage daughter.  I can sometimes present what it has taken me 40+ years to learn in how to respond, handle, and what to pay attention to in regards to people; but I also need to realize that this is part of the journey that You have given to her, in You revealing Yourself to her.  Many times, the best thing that I can do for her, is just sit with her, let her know she is loved, and that her father and I have her back.

P~ Thank you God for Your wisdom.  Help my daughters see themselves, as You see them.  Help me see them, as You see them, when I am angry or frustrated with them.  Please give me the wisdom of when to speak and the words to say, and when to just be present for them.


Who Will I Worship? | Tara Wiley

S~ House of Israel, did you bring Me offerings and sacrifices 40 years in the wilderness? No, you took up the tent of Molech and the star of your god Rephan, the images that you made to worship. So I will deport you beyond Babylon! Acts 7:42-43

O~ The Israelites had a choice: worship the One true God who was continually proving His faithfulness and power to them, or focus elsewhere – and end up worshipping idols.

The wilderness was difficult. The season of struggle seemed unbearably long. But their rebellion kept them from receiving what they needed to learn – and eventually kept them from entering into and fully enjoying the season God had prepared for them in their Promised Land.

A~ When I balk at the current season in my life, turning my gaze away from God, filling my attention with worthless idols – distraction, entertainment, comfort – I risk losing out on what God has to teach me now. As a result, I risk losing out on how God might want to use me in the future.

P~ Lord, let me be found faithful! Forgive me for letting my time and focus – my worship – be drawn away from You and onto myself. I want each season to be fruitful in my life. Help me be faithful in the everyday circumstances of my right now so I can enter into the future You have planned for me from a place of obedience and joy, free from rebellion and resistance.

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  1. Robin, thanks so much for this powerful insight into how to praise Him in the storms of life. It is so tough when grief is intense and there is no answer to the “why” question. I’m sure many people will be encouraged through your words today.

    • This reading was so timely. Its message has been at the forefront of my mind for a few days now and after Friday night I see why He showed it to me so clearly. God really is amazing and His Word is alive and active!

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