September 7 2 Kings 25; 2 Chronicles 36; Jeremiah 40,41; Revelation 12

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Jesus’ Blood Made The Way | Luisa Penaherrera

S~  And they have defeated him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of their testimony.  And they were not afraid to die.  Revelation 12:11  (NLT)

O~ This verses is talking about the Accuser being defeated.  Why? Because of the blood of Jesus and because of our testimony!

A~  What is my testimony? What is it that I proclaim, that I say?  Scripture says that the words I speak come from my heart (Matthew 15:18)

Today I have been going over and over in my head about a conflict I am having. I’m trying to figure it out and fix it.  Now my head hurts and I feel anxious.  I need to give this to God and know in my heart and speak with my mouth this truth: God will help me with this! You see, you know, and I don’t know what to do.

P~  Dear Father, thank you that you are right there!  My battle is not against flesh and blood!  You see what’s going on; please give me discernment and guidance. And thank you that it is on the way!  I love you.

This. Is. WAR! | Kim Chipman

S~ And the dragon was angry at the woman and declared war against the rest of her children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus. Revelation 12:17 (NLT)

O~ Revelation is difficult for me to understand, but the more I read it the more often little nuggets make sense to me. The dragon is Satan. The woman, according to my study Bible, is not Mary – mother of Jesus – but a representation of “God’s faithful people who have been waiting for the Messiah; the crown of 12 stars represents the 12 tribes of Israel”. The dragon (devil) was defeated completely by Jesus’ death, and he and his angels were thrown out of heaven down to earth to “deceive the whole world”. Now the dragon has declared war against all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

A~ That’s ME! He has declared war against ME! His goal is to lie and deceive ME! The battle is real, and boy do I feel it. When I look around the world I see it, too. Christians beheaded for their faith? That’s the work of satan. In my own life and mind even I see the work of the dragon – the accuser – trying to steal, kill and destroy my peace and joy. Trying to feed me lies…you aren’t enough, not good enough, not patient enough, not kind enough, not available enough, not organized enough, not smart enough…on and on and on the accusations come. Who do you think you are trying to make a difference for Christ? Surely they all know what a mess you are. You dropped the ball, messed up, fell short, may as well give up. You are a terrible example of a Christian. Hypocrite.

The accuser. Liar and father of lies. Who has declared war against ME. v11 “And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony…”  You, oh evil one, have already LOST. I will keep God’s commandments and maintain my testimony for Jesus! For HIS glory! That many may know Him!

P~ Lord, I love You! and I WILL live for You!

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  1. Kim, I was reading this verse just before I read your post. I am including amplified meaning: “Submit (yield, humble yourself, be subject to) yourselves then to God (an act you choose), resist (oppose, withstand) the devil (false accuser, slanderer) and he will flee (run away, vanish) from you.” James 4:7 His name IS false accuser and slanderer. That is who he is. We can tell him to take a hike in the name of Jesus.

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