September 6 Ezekiel 29,30,31,32; Revelation 11

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Egypt? | Kim Chipman

S~ Then Israel will no longer be tempted to trust in Egypt for help. Egypt’s shattered condition will remind Israel of how sinful she was to trust Egypt in earlier days. Then Israel will know that I am the Sovereign Lord. Ezekiel 29:16 (NLT)

O~ The Lord, for 40 years, will bring destruction to Egypt so “the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord”. Also, Israel will not trust Egypt for help, but trust the Lord.

A~ What are the ‘Egypt’s in my life? What am I trusting in when I should be trusting You? The point of the destruction was so they – both Egypt and Israel – would know You are the Sovereign Lord.

P~ Help me to see the ‘Egypt’s in my life – things that I am trusting for help that aren’t You. Help me to see what they are so Ic an choose You in all things. I love You!

I am the Lord! | Nikki Metzger

S~ Then they will know that I am the Lord. Ezekiel 30:26b (NLT)

O~ Through out the messages of destruction that the Lord gives Ezekiel, there is this underlying truth.  God is causing all the destruction so people and nations KNOW that He is Lord.

A~ God is serious business about hearts recognizing Him as Lord.  I know this in my head always, but many times I need to be reminded.

One of my parent’s friends passed away this last week from a weird turn of events.  I really hope he knew the Lord.  God is truly in charge of everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!  I truly have no control of life.  I can and need to be prepared for my future, but God reigns over it.

P~ Lord, You are Lord over my life!  But have I given You complete authority over every area of my life?  I want every part of me to proclaim that YOU ARE LORD!  I pray this in Jesus’ Name!

The Power of Fear and Authority | Michelle Myers

S~ They went down into the grave in dishonor.  While they were alive, they used their power to spread terror.  Ezekiel 32:30 (NIrV)

O~ Throughout Ezekiel 32, God talks about people who used their strength, power, and authority to do harm and create fear in others.  Using their strength, power, and authority for this purpose, eventually landed them in hell, where they now suffer.

A~ Authority is a powerful thing.  Fear is a powerful thing.  Fearing anything other than YOU, is not what You want for me, because human authority is often abused, guided by selfishness, and is self serving.  Human authority does not always have my best interest in mind.  You, on the other hand, know exactly what I need in order for me to grow into the person YOU created me to be, and what is best for me, in accordance to my life circumstances and challenges.

One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Corinthians 13:10, “The Lord gave me this authority to build you up, not tear you down.”  When I walk away from an encounter with someone, whether they have authority over me or not, , I want to feel “built up”, not torn down.  It can be just a smile and a cheery attitude from the clerk at the grocery store.

Remembering how I want others to interact with me, is something that I have to take into account when I am interacting with others.  Especially, when it comes to my family.  You gave me authority over my children, and I want to use that authority in a kind, gentle, and building up way.  And I often do,…….UNTIL…… I get tired, overwhelmed, or have just plain had enough of their attitude and disobedience.  Then my tone changes, my facial expressions change, and my words are not so much “build you up” words.

It can also be this way in regards to my husband.  When I am not dealing with an issue or trigger from the past, all is good.  When I feel understood, loved, and valued by him, I am much more willing to put effort into understanding, loving, and valuing him, by using words and actions that are “building him up”.

I am finding that in all the cases where I interact with people, whether they have authority over me, I have authority over them, or I just interact with them in a public setting, the “building you up thing”  is a moment by moment, day by day process.  Managing and examining my schedule, my plate, my heart attitude, my mental and emotional status at any given moment, on any given day, is what is going to give me the cues needed in how and when to handle and confront different situations.  This sets a foundation for positive interaction and communication, where I can leave an encounter with my dignity in tact, and allow someone else to leave with their dignity in tact.

P~ Thank you God for Your wisdom.  I get this authority thing wrong a lot.  I am getting better.  I am making progress.  I don’t want to use whatever power You give me, to “spread fear” or tear anyone down.  I don’t want to be selfish or self serving.  Please, help guide me, moment by moment, through the different situations, encounters, and feelings that arise throughout my day, so I can treat people the way I want them to treat me, even when they aren’t treating me the way I would like them to.

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