August 27 Jeremiah 52; Revelation 1; Psalms 143,144

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Waste Nothing | Kim Chipman

S~ Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalm 143:8 (NCV)

O/A~ This is my prayer! I sit with You each morning in Your Word to hear how much you love me. The voices all around me can make me feel unlovable, but my feelings aren’t truth – Your Word is truth. Your love for me is unfailing. It is who You are!

I have been reflecting a lot on my life, my calling, my days. If you are from the Omaha area you undoubtedly have at least heard of the head on collision that killed 4 people…including Ty and Terri Schenzel. Terri shared this beautiful video at a retreat we coordinated together about God’s love. Ty and Terri were lovers of Jesus and people with larger than life personalities and ministries. When I think of Terri I am inspired to never waste anything You’ve given me – especially the precious gift of time. I want to spend it well, invest in things of eternal impact, it is going to pass by regardless of what I do with it. My heart’s yearning and as I read this verse my prayer is here…I am trusting You. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to You…

P~ Lord, I want each moment of each day to be spent exactly as You ordain, direct, guide, desire. Help my heart to hear Your voice and have the courage to go where You lead. I trust You. I love You.

Parenting | Michelle Myers

S~ Tell me in the morning about your love, because I trust you.  Show me what to do, because my prayers go up to you. Psalm 143:8 (NCV)

O~ My bible notes say, “David prayed for God’s strength when he felt overwhelmed.”  The title of this Psalm in my Bible is “A Prayer Not to Be Killed”.

A~ As I write this, it is Sunday morning, and we are coming off of a bad weekend.  I woke up this morning just completely drained and sad.  Friday, when I picked my oldest daughter up from school, I explained to her on the way home that she needed to get her chores done before her friend got there, and I took them to an activity at the school.  Her response in a flippant sort of way was, “I always do my chores.”  Always is extreme, but she is better than she used to be.

When we got home, I reminded her again, and told her that I needed the floor swept, because I was going to start dinner soon.  Her comment to me was, in a flippant sort of way, “I know mom.  I have the chore list, and I have it under control.”  Ok then, problem solved.  When I go to make dinner, there should be no worries.  After helping her with some homework, and doing some other things, I come in and the floor has not been done.  This time, a little more irritated, I tell her again.  Then she starts arguing.  I try and speak rationally to her, reminding her that I have now told her three times, and that she told me she had it all under control.  She continues to argue.

My switch is flipped.  I yell, and before I know it, I am blind sided by being in the middle of a battle that I didn’t see coming and am totally confused about.  I take away her allowance for the day.  She escalates.  I escalate.  And am bombarded with, “I hate you!”  “You hate me!”  “Why couldn’t you just ask nicely?”  The last one set me off even more, because I did….three times, and she had it under control.  She did not go that night to her activity.  She did not go to her friend’s Birthday party on Saturday.

This flippant,  “I don’t want to deal with you or whatever you are telling me to do now, so I will tell you it is all good, and deal with it later,” is common with her.  When it was time for school clothes shopping, she didn’t need any.  I thought that was odd.  For a few weeks I asked her a couple of times.  Nope, all was good.  Three days into the school year, she is searching my closet for clothes to wear.

As I reflect on Friday, by the time I had both daughters picked up, I was bombarded with a list of things they needed over the weekend….paper sacks for book covers, help with homework, a ride to the middle school on Sat., etc.; so me having to battle with one of them to spend two minutes sweeping the floor, with is one of their chores that they are paid for, wasn’t something I wanted to throw on my list.

I worked with teenagers for almost two decades.  I had success with teenagers.  I struggle with my own pre-teen and teenage daughter.  Neither are “bad”, and they have improved in the area of responsibility over the last year.  Yet, for me, the stakes are so much higher with my own two, than they were with my students.  I also don’t have a bell that releases them in 40 min., to the next class, when they are being stinkers.  I sometimes wish I did.

Usually these episodes also cause issues between my husband and I.  I am completely frustrated in my unsuccessful efforts to get the girls to listen. I am overwhelmed by all their needs.  I am confused as to why doing a simple task has to be such a big deal.  I have not always gotten the best support from him.  When he was active in his addiction, and I was dealing with the responsibility on my own, he often would tell me how irrational I was being, comfort the girls, and be their hero.  Now that he is more engaged, he is understanding more and more the frustration.  He did a good job at playing mediator last night.

There is one thing that he said, that isn’t “sitting right” with me, and I will discuss it with him.  That is an improvement.  It used to be, I was the “bad guy”…period, end of story.  They were just kids.  Trying to parent with him, when he was active in his addiction, would lead to even more frustration, so I just stopped expecting any help or support from him.  It left me hopeless, alone, and with all the responsibility.  As he has become more engaged, he sees where my frustration comes from.  It is easy to have the answers, when you aren’t the one having to live them out.

My frustration, was understandable; my yelling when the switch was flipped, was sinful.  These episodes don’t happen very often, but when they do, and I know my part (eventually, once I calm down) in losing my cool, and I don’t like it.  I need You to help me keep my cool, and walk away, before I get sucked in and am blindsided, finding myself in a battle.  WHAT I do, as far as just doing it for her and taking away her allowance, letting her father deal with her, etc; is not nearly as important as HOW I do it.  When I respond out of anger, I become irrational and just add fuel to the fire.  I need You to show me how to stay better balanced.  When I am overwhelmed, these episodes are much more likely to occur.

P~ Thank you God, for YOUR peace.  I am feeling better.  I need You to help me with this parenting thing.  I had no reasonable and rational foundation from my own childhood.  I have not always had an engaged, rational husband.  Even though he is now, I often have a hard time trusting.  I trusted and tried for so long, only to walk away more frustrated and hurt. It is hard not to push him away, as an immediate weapon of defense.  My kids don’t find me as amusing and loveable as my students did.  That sometimes makes it hard for me to relate to them.  My students, didn’t have a lot or any adult contact when they left school, so they ate it up, while at school.  They often had to be the adults once school ended.  My own kids, interact with adults throughout their day.  Please help me remember this.  My younger daughter, more sneaky, but will slither away and do what she needs to, once she sees me getting to a certain level where I mean business.  My oldest daughter, more combative.  A lot like me.  Probably why we butt heads a lot more.  But, I do know, that combative spirit has helped me endure a lot of junk in life.  It can be beneficial, if used in the right manner and at the right time.  So, I pray that you give us both the wisdom we need to use it wisely.

Read it, Hear it, and Take it to Heart | Robin Laney

S~ Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it. Revelation 1:3 (NIV)

O~ God, in His great wisdom, has recorded the history of mankind from the very beginning and because of His amazing grace, His extraordinary love, and His heart that all people spend eternity with Him, He has provided for us the end of the story. The book of Revelation tells us what is going to happen in the end and it tells us who God is and what He will do.

A~ I was asked this week what my passions are and how I steward them. A great question that truly caused me to examine my heart. When I got to the end, what I came up with is that Jesus is my passion and all of the other stirrings and desires of my heart, the things I enjoy doing and being a part of, and the talents I have all flow out of this love for Christ. I am not always the best steward of my gifts and passions. Sometimes I am fearful, sometimes I am uncertain, and often I am just plain lazy. But, I find that when I am tuned in to what God is doing around me and I am obedient to Him, He shows Himself in amazing ways.

The morning I was working to answer these questions about my passions, Revelation 1 was one of the daily readings. What came rushing into my mind and my heart was this sense of urgency that we need to share Jesus more often and live out the Gospel more fully so that more people will hear what is before us, who God is, and what He is going to do. These words were very clearly expressed in my spirit – “The end is coming closer faster than any of us would like or imagine.” Whether the end, the final battle, comes during our lifetime or our time ends before that it will be the end of this life and we will each stand before God.

The Gospel needs to be shared with everyone so that they can make an informed eternal choice so that all might be saved. Everyone needs to hear the Good News sooner rather than later!

P~ Lord, I want you as my main passion, the center of my life, my driving force, my life mission. When you turn my heart’s attention to something or someone you care about, let my love for You cause me to be fully obedient so that I can be used well in Your plans and purposes. Lord, I pray that I live in a way that causes many to see You and believe.

Love | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ But I have this complaint against you.  You don’t love me or each other as you did at first.  Revelation 2:4 (NLT)

O~ Jesus commended the church on their hard work and patient endurance, but their love was gone.

Part of the notes in my bible read: In the battle to maintain sound teaching and moral and doctrinal purity, it is possible to lose a charitable spirit.  Prolonged conflict can weaken or destroy our patience and affection.  In defending the faith, guard against any structure or rigidity that weakens love.

A~  I am here. In a certain relationship that I need to set some boundaries I find often that my love and compassion for this person is not as it was at first.  I need help with this.

P~ Dear Father, I recognize this is happening. Please help me have a good attitude, and help me to love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.  Love does not demand its own way.  Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.  It is never glad about injustice but rejoices when the truth wins out.  Love never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.

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  1. Kim, Thanks for the reminder about the video! I am also (as I’m sure lots of people are) doing a lot of reflection in light of all that has happened. I want to live fully for the Lord as they did. I can’t say I have been but by His grace I want to. Thanks for the video reminder that His love for me is the same no matter what but as you said I don’t want to waste the time He gives me.

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