July 21 2 Kings 18,19; 2 Chronicles 32; James 5

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Choose Life and not death! – Robin Laney

S~ But if you say to me, “We are depending on the Lord our God”—isn’t he the one whose high places and altars Hezekiah removed, saying to Judah and Jerusalem, “You must worship before this altar in Jerusalem”? “Come now, make a bargain with my master, the king of Assyria: I will give you two thousand horses—if you can put riders on them!” 2 Kings 18:23-23 (NIV)

O~ The king of Assyria sent his leading commanders to Jerusalem to speak to those in places of authority in order to convince them to surrender to him. His tactics included twisting Hezekiah’s actions to cause the people to question his motives, promising them riches and power, and placing doubt in their minds about God’s ability to save them.

A~ The first time I read this, it was simply a story about another battle for power and control. This morning, as I reread it, these verses almost spoke audibly from the page. They jumped out at me and into my mind came this picture of the serpent in the Garden with Adam and Eve. In order to win over the two, he twisted God’s motives, he promised them great things, and he placed doubt in their minds about God’s words. In this story, the king of Assyria uses the enemy’s age old tricks to win over God’s people.

The enemy’s tactics haven’t changed in thousands of years. He still uses convincing arguments to twist God’s words and actions so that we will question His character, motives, and even His very existence. He still promises great freedom and riches if only we will disregard God’s instruction and follow our own desires. He still tries to convince us that God is not all powerful. And, like some of the people of Jerusalem, we are subject to his wily ways. Hezekiah did not give in. He stood firm in his faith and fought back by engaging God’s people and by praying. As he laid the Assyrian threat at God’s feet, He praised Him for all He had done, he sought His attention, he acknowledged his enemy’s accomplishments against other foes, and he affirmed God as the only true God and His power to save them.

We, like Hezekiah, must stand firm in these days when so many arguments, insults and accusations are thrown at us in an attempt to discredit God, to weaken our faith in Him, and to entice us to turn from Him. Through prayer and His Word, we must know Him intimately so that we are unshakably confident of His Goodness and character. We must not trade our faith in Him for the shiny things of this world; power, wealth, acceptance, safety, comfort, or possessions. Seeing what He has already done, we must never doubt His power, knowing that He is the one true God and through His son, Jesus, we have hope for abundant life in this world and our salvation is secure for all eternity.

We must choose Life and not death!

P~ Lord, help us to stand firm, not falling for the tricks the enemy uses. By Your Spirit, help us to recognize those arguments, offers and persuasions that are not from You and open our eyes to Your Goodness in all things so that, at our end, we do not find ourselves separated from You.

Far Greater | Kim Chipman

S~ Be strong and courageous! Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of the king of Assyria or his mighty army, for there is a power far greater on our side! 2 Chronicles 32:7 (NLT)

O~ Hezekiah was king over Judah and he did “what was pleasing and good in the sight of the lord his God”. Assyria was very powerful and wanted to take control of Jerusalem. Hezekiah was confident in God’s power and direction so he boldly led his people.

A~ Lately I really feel the tension between what I hear YOU calling me to do and what others want me to do. I get afraid AND discouraged, but I, too, car have complete confidence in You. No matter WHAT I face YOU are a power far greater and YOU are on my side! I can be strong and courageous, confident and bold. No matter how enormous the obstacle is that I face, You are a power FAR GREATER.

P~ Help me to remember Your character. You are an almighty God. You are also close and intimate. You see me. Give me the strength and courage to live boldly, bravely, and humbly only for You.




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