July 6 Hosea 6,7,8,9; Hebrews 3

These are a few of our SOAP notes from today’s reading. We encourage you to read and journal on your own first, then join us in conversation about what God revealed to YOU today. Click HERE to go directly to the daily reading if you wish.

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All this rain!! | Nikki Metzger

S~ Oh, that we might know the Lord!  Let us press on to know Him.  He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring. Hosea 6:3 (NLT)

O~ I LOVE this!!  It’s so beautiful!  I’ve never not woken up before and not had dawn.  Wow, that’s a lot of double negatives 🙂  But it’s true, dawn has always happened in my almost 37 years on this planet.  And as for rains in the spring.  We’ve been blessed with rain!!

A/P~ Oh Father!  That we might know You!  Let us press on to know You!  Help us to press on in the midst of life being easy, life being hard, life being busy.  You promise us that You will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring.  Thank You!  Thank You for Jesus!

I Want You to Know Me | Kim Chipman

S~ I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6 (NLT)

O~ Hosea is about Israel’s unfaithfulness, warning of judgement, reminder of God’s love, and restoration of relationship through repentance.

A~ You is the same yesterday, today, and forever and I could see this same message given to us now – given to ME. You want my heart. For many, many years – decades – I did my best to do great things, some of them for You, some not. My heart toward You and others remained unchanged, there was not much growth. There was lots of striving, lots of exhaustion, lots of frustration, lots of yearning for more. I knew there was more. I saw people who had it and I wanted it. Badly.

It wasn’t until I leaned how to connect with You through Your Word and SOAP thanks to our Hawaii church that I truly felt heart change. By allowing You to show me the areas in my life and heart that needed to change I finally felt the shift. Now I KNOW You, not just know about You…not just perform for You so I’ll feel approval – I know I have it and couldn’t earn it anyway…I know You…and I know who I am IN You. I know Your voice, I know Your character, and I know my identity in You.

I don’t always operate in this truth, sometimes I let my crazy feelings take over.But the closer I walk with You…the more regularly I choose to remain…the more I take each thought captive…the more I replace toxic thoughts with healthy truth…the more peace I have as I live in Your love, through Your power…because I know You.

P~ Lord, help me to remain today. Help my heart to know Your love, to remember who I am and who You are. Help me to keep my emotions in their proper place. Continue to grow me so I have a heart that looks more and more like Yours. I love You!

What God and I Want More Than | Michelle Myers

S~ I want faithful love more than I want animal sacrifices.  I want people to know me more than I want burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6 (NCV)

O/A~ Here, you are telling me what kind of relationship you want with me.  A deep, authentic one is so much more important than any money or materialistic object that I can give.  These verses give me peace.  This is the type of relationship that I have longed for with many people in my life.

Yet, because generation after generation, money has had a higher value than people in my family, people’s perceptions and thinking are all messed up.  I have struggled with this myself.  Many times, money and worldly success have been the indicators that we have used to measure our worth and value.  There are two things that I have noticed as a result of this in my family.  First, it has made people very paranoid, because they think that everyone and anyone is just after their money or what they can do for them.  Even though they would never admit this, there is this underlying belief, that they, themselves are not valuable enough to want to have a relationship with.  This has caused people to use money to control others.  The second thing that has resulted from this is that people are then reluctant to receive anything, because giving isn’t authentic or from the heart.  It is later held over one’s head and used as a tool to shame.

The more people I get to know, the more I understand that my family is not the only family that is like this.  Even with my husband, there were many times when I wanted a relationship with him, but he spent so much extra time at work.  I kept telling him that he was much more than a pay check to me and the girls.  Yet, his own stinking thinking prevented him from seeing it.

I don’t have a lot of money or materialistic things to offer you God.  I sacrificed much of “the extra” in that area when I quit my job.  What I gained, was more time.  This has allowed me to really spend quality time with YOU and foster a true, authentic relationship with YOU.  After reading that verse, I am so happy to know, that it is one of the few relationships that I have, where that is what you really desire and is enough……..that I am enough!

P~ Thank you God for YOUR true, authentic relationship.  You have always given us enough.  In our over indulgent society, I sometimes fail to recognize this.  Coming from a family with a messed up value system, has caused me to have to work through many wrong beliefs and perceptions.  Please continue to show me and heal me in this area.

The Flow of Your Heart | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ Today you must listen to his voice.  Don’t harden your hearts against him as Israel did when they rebelled.  Hebrews 3:7 & 15  (NLT)

O~ This verse is a reminder of this being a continual humbling of my heart.  It is not a one time, and then I’m good thing.

A & P~ Dear Father, please help keep my heart humble.  Help me every day, each time I’m faced with choices to be humble.  Pride reminds me of the good I have done and “that should be enough”.  Help me learn and yield to the flow of your heart.  There I find peace.

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  1. s. Hebrews 3:13 You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God.
    o. Paul is reminding the congregation of Israel’s history… their dependence on each other and responsibility to each other has an effect each and every day.
    a. I am a victim of “tomorrow- itis”…tomorrow I will clean mom’s room…Tomorrow I will goto storage and post pictures on Craig’s list…Tomorrow I will pull weeds and pinch the tomatoes. Tomorrow never comes because today is all I have.
    p. Lord, ~Today~ I am reminded to praise You and look to You for peace and a path, thankful that this link to your Word makes it easy to keep my heart open to Your love and teaching every day. Fill me with your presence and let me guide my kids ~today~ towards You.

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