July 3 Isaiah 6,7; 2 Chronicles 26,27; Philemon

These are a few of our SOAP notes from today’s reading. We encourage you to read and journal on your own first, then join us in conversation about what God revealed to YOU today. Click HERE to go directly to the daily reading if you wish.

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Pride Destroys | Kim Chipman

S~ But when he had become powerful, he also became proud, which led to his downfall. He sinned against the Lord his God by entering the sanctuary of the Lord’s Temple and personally burning incense on the incense altar. 2 Chronicles 16:16 (NLT)

O~ Pride goes before destruction (Proverbs 16:18) and it sure did for King Uzziah. In his great power and success he did not follow the rules God had set about burning incense. My study Bible says, “When People have power, they often think they can live above the law. But even rulers are subject to God as Uzziah discovered. No matter what your position in society, God expects you to honor, worship, and obey Him.”

A~ I think of 2 things this morning:

1. Our government leaders. “No matter what your position in society, God expects you to honor, worship, and obey Him.”

2. While I don’t feel powerful, I tend to pride anyway. I feel like I have it together. I can handle it. I’ve got it. OR, when things are going well, look how great I’ve done! All MY hard work has paid off! I’m doing such great things!

Pride. All of it.

You HATE pride.

P~ Help me to remember each moment that all I have and all I am and all I accomplish is You. Humility, gratitude, and praise should be the condition of my heart. I love You so much!

Stand Firm in What You Show Me | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ Unless your faith is firm,  I cannot make you stand firm.  Isaiah 7:9b (NLT)

O~ Two kings had allied to attack Jerusalem.  When the news reached the king and people of Jerusalem, their hearts tremble with fear.  God told the king, Ahaz not to fear these kings and that he had to learn to believe what he says if he wants him to protect him.

A~ I am working on boundaries and I have been sensing God’s direction, but it has to do with confrontation which is not comfortable for me.  But if that is what you are showing me to do then I want to do it and stand firm in my faith and follow through.  I believe you will help me through it.

P~ Thank you, Father for your presence, your guidance, and friends you have given me that I can share my struggles with, and their encouragement.  Help me as I follow through with what you show me.  I love you.

Sharing My Faith/ Sharing Your Word | Kelley DeAses

S~ I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.  Philemon 6 (NIV)

O~ They say to truly gain an understanding of something — to really know it — you need only to teach it to someone else.  To really be able to convey an idea, a method, or a text to another requires careful study and focused thought, not just as one who passively listens and absorbs information but as one who must look at all angles of an issue so as to be prepared to answer questions about the topic.

A~ My most favorite thing to teach is how to get into God’s Word using the SOAP method of journaling.  I will have the opportunity to share this with an adult Sunday school class during a five-week session in August.  This is the most straightforward and effective way for me to share my testimony and my faith.  It is also my best offering of discipleship, as I am not so much teaching anyone what The Word says as pointing them to and showing them how to find life’s answers for themselves.

P~ Father, I pray now You would prepare my heart to share Your Word with this class of seekers next month.  Empower me to say what You want me to say and take out those parts You want taken out.  Please direct those people You want to be there to sign up and come with open hearts and open minds to learn a new way to draw close to You.  Above all, help me to keep my own heart and mind open and teachable as I step out into this calling once again.

Accountable For My Choices | Michelle Myers

S~ Maybe Onesimus was separated from you for a short time so you could have him back forever—-no longer as a slave, but better than a slave, as a loved brother. Philemon 15-16 (NCV)

O~ Philemon’s slave, Onesimus, stole from him and ran away. He fled to Rome where he met Paul and became a Believer. Onesimus is now returning to Philemon. Paul is asking for him to show Onesimus mercy instead of seeking justice. Paul isn’t asking Philemon to free Onesimus from slavery, but to free him from his anger.

A~ Conviction is what I am getting when I read this verse. I have a lot of people who have done me wrong. Most of whom are my own family members, and most of whom call themselves Christians. Their mistreatment of me and others (because I am not the only one they have hurt), IS wrong. What I am beginning to understand is that my negative attitude toward them, which can often come out in harsh, defensive, or judgmental words, is JUST as wrong.

Just because I didn’t set out to hurt people with my words or actions, but was hurt while trying to help them, doesn’t make it any better that I allow my hurt to justify my misbehavior toward them. I have good reason, in many cases to be hurt and angry. However, there is no good reason for me, as someone who also claims to be a Believer, to not speak, act, or think right because of that hurt and anger. Then none of us, are truly glorifying God.

Many of them, don’t even have an understanding of how their thoughts, words, or actions have been or are still, so out of alignment with God. That is one of the main reasons there has not been any growth with and in them, but a lot of destruction. You, God, have not given them that discernment. You have given it to me, and I need to be appreciative of it. You are giving me the opportunity to see what needs to change and to change it. This is my opportunity to grow and glorify YOU. Regardless of what others do or do not do.

I am also so impressed with Paul’s understanding. He writes to Philemon, “But I did not want to do anything without asking you first so that any good you do for me will be because you want to do it, not because I forced you.” Philemon 14

Paul doesn’t try and force or manipulate Philemon into doing what he wants. Instead, he has relied on Philemon’s love for You and his good character, to convince him of what is in alignment with You. He is allowing Philemon to discern the boundaries that You are telling him he needs. Philemon treating Onesimus with the love and respect of a fellow Believer, doesn’t necessarily mean he releases him of any consequences or takes him back, fully trusting him again. Regardless of what boundaries Philemon decides on, his heart still needs to be in alignment with You, and his thoughts, words, and actions still need to ones that bring glory to YOU.

I am finding for myself, this is a lot harder than I would like to admit. I fail more than I would like to admit. You have given me understanding. You have shown me that it is a choice. The boundaries needed, may be dictated by other’s behavior and their poor choices. However, I also have a choice in and am accountable for my behavior, in how I react to them in any situation.

P~ Thank you God for your mercy and grace. Help change my heart and attitude toward some of the people and situations from my past. Please help me move past the moments when the hurt and anger resurface, and blind me from seeing the progress that my husband or children have made. Please help me humble myself, and not be self-righteous. Help remind me, that much of my past behavior, that was in alignment with YOU, made me a better wife, mother, daughter, Christian, etc. and brought you glory; regardless of how other people responded to it.

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