June 12 1 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 10,11; Philippians 2

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Servant leadership | Nikki Metzger

S~ The older counselors replied, “If you are willing to be a servant to these people today and give them a favorable answer, they will always be your loyal subjects.” 1 Kings 12:7 (NLT)

O~ Solomon’s son was seeking advice about his first duty as king.  The older advisers seem to be channeling Jesus and teach on the subject of servant leadership.  Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, rejects the idea of servant leadership and it turns out poorly for him.

A~ This is the only way to lead.  Servant Leadership.  In olden days, and nowadays.  I have more questions than answers as to what servant leadership looks like, but it definitely includes submission.

What does a leader do?  Directs a group to an end point or goal.  As people are chugging along to that endpoint, they could be getting weary, having more bad days than good.  Or they could be inspired, motivated, excited about what the group is doing as they get to that endpoint.

For my family, what is a God goal?  For my kids, is it a goal for them to get into college? find a great spouse?  God, what do You say?

For my work, I have pre-set goals, but in God’s economy….are those the goals that God would have for me?  What if I’m the one person that God puts before them to tell them about Jesus?  What about my son’s baseball team?  How do I serve those families far from Christ?

P~ Father, please grow my heart in wisdom and servant leadership.  How do I do this at home, work, church?  I LOVE YOU!

Attitude of Christ Jesus | Kim Chipman

S~ Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. Philippians 2:3, 5 (NLT)

O~ Paul is encouraging unity in the church in Philippi. If everyone has the humble attitude of Christ there would be NO conflict.

A~ Jesus gave up His divine privilege willingly, by choice, for ME. You have been revealing to me very clearly for awhile now how much every single thing is a choice, and the root of all of it is my thoughts. I choose how I think of myself. I choose how I think of others. I choose to have the attitude of Christ…or not. Jesus had every right to feel and act superior – He was GOD. Instead, He gave up that right to obey the Father and serve people. Because He had, and made, the choice we can feel His love.

I can choose this also. I am not entitled. I am called to obey and serve in love. There are people in my life that make this an easy choice – and people that make it excruciatingly difficult. Easy or not I am still free to choose my thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words. Ugh, my words. They start as thoughts, though…choosing Christ like thoughts…

You are glorified when I choose humility. you are glorified when I choose others above myself. You are glorified when I choose the attitude of Christ Jesus.

P~ Lord, give me the strength to choose well. Help me to remember that You see each and every humble act of selflessness. You hear every thought and attitude. Help me to take every thought captive to make it obey You! I love You!

You Change Hearts | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of crooked and perverse people.  Philippians 2:15 (NLT)

O~ This verse reminds me that this world is dark and full of crooked and perverse people and that God knows this already.  Only he can change hearts.  My job is to live a clean innocent life as God’s child.

A~ I can’t change people; only God can and God doesn’t hold me responsible for changing people.  He doesn’t look at me and say, “ Oh, this person is with you and look at what they are doing”(as if it’s on me).  He wants me to follow him and obey him.  Why do I think I can fix people? (very prideful)

P~ Father please forgive me for my pride.  In my mind, I just want to help, and I think if they do “this” it would help, but then I also see that I get upset when they don’t do “this”.  It’s not my job to change people, I can’t.  Help me get my focus off of others and what my part is.  Thank you.

Not Easy, but not Complicated | Michelle Myers

S~ You offer the teaching that gives life.  So when Christ comes again, I can be happy because my work was not wasted.  I ran the race and won.  Philippians 2:16 (NCV)

O~ Phrases that stick out to me, in this verse: “teaching that gives life”, “happy because my work was not wasted” and “ran the race and won”.  Prior to this verse, Paul writes about not complaining or arguing.  He acknowledges that we live amongst crooked and mean people, but we are to “shine like the stars in the dark world.” Philippians 2:15 (NCV)

A~ To live a life that matters and has not been wasted, is important to me.  Running the race and winning is also important to me.  Honestly, when I have a worldly mind set, I often struggle with these two things.  When I have a worldly mind set, I sometimes find it hard to see how my life is all that important.  When I have a worldly mind set, I often question whether the race is even worth the effort or is it even a winnable  event.

These versus remind me, that God is not that complicated.  To live a life that matters and to run and win the race; all I have to do is be a “teacher that gives life”, and I do this by being a light in a dark world.

Evil is what makes this world dark.  I conquer evil by doing good.  When I am angry or hurt by someone, that is not always easy. I don’t always want to give them grace or speak to them in a nice tone.  I may want to complain,  I don’t like arguing, but I can easily get pulled into an argument.

Despite what others are doing, how they respond, or how they perceive  things; according to God’s word (and He is truly, the only one that matters), the more I am able to let unimportant things go, respond in love, and overcome my flesh; my life will not be wasted.  I will, not only have run the race, I will have won it.

P~ Thank you God for not being complicated.  Conquering  my flesh is not always easy.  Please help me remember, that is why I can and should rely on you for wisdom, strength, and support.

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