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May 28 Proverbs 7,8,9; Romans 9

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Wisdom | Luisa Penaherrera

S~  And so, my children, listen to me, for happy are all who follow my ways.  Listen to my counsel and be wise.  Don’t ignore it.  Proverbs 8:32,33 (NLT)

O~ These verses are speaking about wisdom.  God has wisdom available for me today, everyday. I need to listen to it.

A~ I was watching a show about people in prison.  There was this young man who was in prison and an older man, also in prison that knew this young man and was being a father figure for the young man, giving him advice in how to stay out of trouble so he can do his time and get out and be with his wife and children.  But when there was a search done and a weapon found in the young man’s room, it was not good news—his sentence was extended.  The older man really got on the younger man: “I told you I was going to keep you out of trouble, you need to listen to me!”

Wisdom wants to help me in life.  Like the older man tells the younger man, “listen to me”, wisdom calls out, “listen to me.”  My emotions can really cloud my judgment and I need help in this.

P~  Dear Father, please help me remember you are there even when my emotions are a mess.  I need to look for you and I will find you.  Please lead me and give me wisdom.

Wisdom | Kelley DeAses

S~  For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.  Proverbs 8:35 (NLT)

O~  So much of the Proverbs is written about the pursuit of and value of wisdom.  My culture does not instruct me to seek after wisdom as an end in itself.  We go to college, get an advanced degree, or take specialty courses so we can land a job, be awarded a promotion or get a raise in pay.  Maybe that is one reason why Christians aren’t reading their Bibles; perhaps they are not convinced gaining wisdom for wisdom’s sake is even a worthwhile pursuit.

A~  I have come to appreciate, in just these past few years since I have learned to sit at HIs feet, the truth of this verse: to find wisdom is to find life, and also God’s favor.  As I try to glean just one morsel of wisdom each day as I open His Word, chew on it, interact with it, write about it, and process through how I might apply it to my everyday life, I am enriched.  I see how, baby step by baby step, He is making me wiser.  Not for a better job, but for a better life — one where God’s voice resounds above the clamor of the world, whose many voices constantly try to lure me this way and that.

P~  Father, Continue to stir in me this desire for wisdom, Your wisdom, which is available to me through Your Word.  So much so that I would continue to want to go and make disciples who likewise crave godly wisdom for their own lives.

Hot Pursuit | Tara Wiley

S~ (WISDOM says)

Joyful are those who listen to me,

Watching for me daily at my gates,

Waiting for me outside my home!

For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord.

But those who miss me injure themselves.

All who hate me love death.

Proverbs 8:34-36 (NLT)

O~ He lived on Vattier Street in Manhattan, Kansas, in a large white house with a wraparound porch. Reality was a bit less grand inside: divided into three student apartments lined with 70s-era false wood paneling, the place was a fire trap. But it was his house. After class, I’d sit on that porch waiting for him to come home, watching the sidewalks leading from campus. My heart would leap at first sight. Any stress of the day would melt into joy when he met me with a warm embrace.

Wisdom calls us into the same passionate pursuit as first love. The alternatives are dire: “Those who miss me/hate me injure themselves/love death.”

Seems pretty straightforward to me – do I want joy or injury and death?

But here’s the rub: I cannot just decide to be wise. It takes the intentionality of a lover (Watch! Wait!) and determined focus (Listen!) to find God’s wisdom.

When I fell in love with Mo, other relationships took a back seat. I wanted to spend every walking moment with him, talking with him, knowing him more each day. Today, like the lure of other lovers, we are bombarded with quotables from Buddha, Confucius, and the latest bloggers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re beckoned, pulled away from the Lover of our souls, with time-draining overloads of words to the wise, links to articles, and inspiring videos.

If I posted a pretty pie chart of where I spent the majority of my time, comparing the number of words I let in my head via social media and music versus the word of God, I would want to crawl under a rock in embarrassment.

A~ When I am tempted to use my early morning hours on social media, this is what I must remember: the Lover of my soul awaits. Will I choose joy or self injury? Yes, I need to connect with people. And yes – I learn a lot from the Godly men and women I know and follow. But this passage reminds me that I should hotly pursue God Himself above all others. The reward?

Joy. Life. God’s favor.

P~ Lord, I am so guilty of filling my mind with random snippets of other people’s wisdom. It’s when I stop and pursue YOU alone that the truth of Your Word sinks deep within and changes me for the better. Forgive me for the many times I replace Your Word with the temporary salve of an easy quip on Facebook. Remind me where true joy and life is found: in pursuing You doggedly, daily, with the passion of a lover.

Wisdom and Understanding | Michelle Myers

S~ Wisdom begins with respect for the LORD, and understanding begins with knowing the Holy One. Proverbs 9:20 (NCV)

O/A~ When we are wise, we are respecting the God.  To understand, we have to know Jesus.  I want to respect God.  I want to be more like Jesus.  I try and live a wise life.  This is becomes more and more difficult when I don’t understand something, and there is a great deal about people, my life, and my relationships, that I don’t understand.  There is also a lot about my own hurt that I don’t understand at times.  This causes me to respond in not so wise ways.  However, I am not always really sure how to respond.  And when my emotions get the best of me (unlike Jesus), I tend to sometimes respond in VERY unwise ways.

P~ Thank you God for your wisdom.  Please help me understand and be more wise.  Please help me keep my emotions in check, my heart right, and my words wise.

Stumbling, Bumbling – Robin Laney

S~ Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the “stumbling stone.” Romans 9:32 (NIV)

O~ The stumbling stone is Jesus. In this verse, Paul is speaking of the Jews and how they chose to honor God. They were so tied up in keeping the Law that they could not accept that God had made a way, through Jesus for them to obtain the righteousness they sought. It had been prophesied long before that Jesus would cause men to stumble, that they would not be able to accept this gift of salvation God offered them.

A~ Jesus is still a stumbling stone for many today. I know that I stumbled over him as a young person because I did not know who he was, what he came for, or the plan he had for my life. I chose over and over again to go my own way because I didn’t know that what he offered was so much better. I stumbled over my lack of knowledge of him.

As I got older, I stumbled over Jesus because I could not fully grasp his grace for me. I had messed up so much in my past that I didn’t believe that he could ever forgive me let alone use me for anything good. I had this head knowledge of his unconditional love and amazing grace but I couldn’t get my heart to believe it. I stumbled over my lack of understanding of his heart.

I know people who stumble over Jesus because he isn’t what they think he should be. Maybe they prayed and prayed but a loved one still died, maybe healing hasn’t come in the way they had hoped for, maybe life just keeps dumping on them and they feel alone, or maybe their human relationships have distorted how they view Jesus. They stumble over a misconception of who he is.

I know people who look at their lives and are happy to be ‘good’, a good person, a good Christian. Unfortunately, their striving to be good enough to gain God’s approval leads either to pride in what they accomplish themselves or a sense of defeat as they realize that they can never be good enough. For them, their lack of understanding of his grace is a stumbling stone.

The best way I know to not stumble over Jesus is to learn, for ourselves, who he is and what he has done for us. The best source of learning about him is the Bible, God’s Word. We can’t compare him to any human standard and we can’t understand all of the mystery surrounding him. We must take his salvation on faith, knowing it is not something we can earn. We must not be tripped up by our lack of understanding of who he is but dig in and ask him to reveal himself to us.

P~ Lord, I sometimes stumble and trip through this life. I thank you that when I start to fall because of my lack of understanding, You show me Your Truth and steady me. Lord, do not loosen Your grip. Increase my faith as I live this life so that Jesus will not be a stumbling block for me. Please help me to not be a stumbling block to others by misrepresenting You. I pray that eyes and hearts would be opened to You so that all will come to know You.

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