May 23 2 Chronicles 6,7; Psalms 135; Romans 4

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Sin Inflicted | Jill Terry

S~ As for this house, which was exalted, everyone who passes by it will be astonished and say, ‘Why has the LORD done thus to this land and to this house?’ And they will say, ‘Because they forsook the LORD, the God of their fathers who brought them from the land of Egypt, and they adopted other gods and worshiped them and served them; therefore He has brought all this adversity on them.’” 2 Chronicles 7:21-22 (NAS)

O~ A promise from God that if things start going wrong, it is because the Jewish people have quit following Him and once again started worshiping idols.

A~ A lot of pain in the world is self inflicted. All of the pain in the world is sin inflicted. If people did not sin, pain would not exist.

Some of the pain in my life is due to my own sins. Some of the pain in other peoples life is due to my sin. Some of the pain in my life is due to other peoples sinful choices. Anyway you look at it, pain is caused by sin.

P~ Lord God, I am sorry for the pain I have caused other people due to my sins. Help me to make better choices in the future. Amen

Worshiping at the Altar of Worry | Kelley DeAses

S~ Those who make them [idols] will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.  Ps. 135:18 (NIV)

O~  We will begin to be like that to which we bow down.  If we truly have Christ front and center, we will become more and more conformed to His likeness.  If we are primarily motivated by money, status, revenge, vanity, our children’s achievements, people-pleasing, or any number of other selfish pursuits, we actually morph into a distorted version of what God is calling out in us.

A~  I physically felt this transformation process start to take hold in me yesterday.  I had a productive day at work, was able to help out a friend at my son’s school after the students were released from classes, and was headed home to see my husband, who has been working day and night, picking up overtime to “fill some gaps” with our family finances, and to see my college boy, who I only have at home for another week or so until he heads to camp where he will live and work as a counselor for two months.  As I pulled up toward the driveway, I took a mental assessment of our home’s “curbside appeal.” I noted wood rot around some windows, an exterior in need of a coat of paint, a driveway with cracks, overgrown shrubs and unkempt landscaping.  My whole countenance fell as my focus turned to the amount of time, effort, and (most especially) money which would be required to attend to these issues.  So I entered my home in a surly mood toward my family, all because my focus had shifted — from the positive interactions which had been sprinkled throughout the first half of my day and onto a massive and costly to-do list I had just manufactured in my mind.  In that moment, I took my eyes off of Christ and the many blessings He has lavished upon me and fixed them squarely upon my worries (yesterday it was the house; tomorrow it might be some other, lesser thing).  I transformed, just that quickly, from a trusting child of God into a stressed-out worrier wringing her hands.

P~  Father, I really need Your help in those moments to resist bowing down to any worries of the world and really keep my eyes fixed on You.

Faith like Abraham | Nikki Metzger

S~ Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise.  In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God.  ~ Romans 4:20 (NLT)

O~ This long, awesome story was back in Genesis.  We don’t have a lot of day-to-day life details about Abraham’s life, but we do know that Abraham spent many years of waiting to have a son.

A~ When I read about Abraham, I don’t like reading a chapter that spans 20 years of his life waiting.  No one likes waiting, especially 20 years!!  I’ve always filled my head up with what Abraham did in those years of waiting.  And I always assumed that Abraham loved the Lord, but secretly gave up in having a kid with Sarah – they were so old!

I assumed this because Abraham had a child with Sarah’s maid, so maybe he really had given up.  But this verse tells me that I’m wrong. Abraham NEVER wavered in believing God’s promise that he would be a father to many.  This also says that Abraham’s faith grew stronger.  Can you imagine?  Year after year after year after year of unanswered pray, and Abraham’s faith grew stronger??

Well that brings glory to God.  The waiting?  What am I waiting for?

Two things I’ve prayed for, begged God for………..and I’m waiting, and waiting.  Still waiting. Does my faith look like Abraham’s in the waiting?  Is it growing stronger?  Am I bringing glory to God because I believe Him more today then when I started the journey?

Maybe I’m waiting because with these two things, I feel like I have some part in it?  Maybe I need to wait till there is nothing left in me and I know without a doubt if those prayers ever get answered, it’s all Good. Regardless, this waiting is for my faith to grow and God’s glory! That is never wasted!

P~ Father, even when there is no reason to hope for a change or a miracle, let me still hope that these two things can change and you will answer these prayers.  God, grow my faith in the midst of being patient and let me honor You.  I love You!  In Jesus’ Name I pray!

To Be Absolutely Convinced | Luisa Penaherrera

S~ He was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything he promised.  Romans 4:21  (NLT)

O~ The notes in my bible:  Abraham never doubted that God would fulfill his promise.  Abraham’s life was marked by mistakes, sins and failures as well as by wisdom and goodness, but he consistently trusted God.  His faith was strengthened by the obstacles he faced, and his life was an example of faith in action.  If he and looked only at his own resources for subduing Canaan and founding a nation, he would have given up in despair.  But Abraham looked to God, obeyed him and waited for God to fulfill his word.

A~ I want to live like this.

P~ Dear Father, help me live like this, help my faith to grow and be strengthened by the obstacles I face.

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