April 6 Ruth 3,4; Psalms 64,65; 2 Corinthians 6

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Be Patient | Nikki Metzger

S~ Then Naomi said to her, “Just be patient, my daughter, until we hear what happens.  The man won’t rest until he has settled things today.” Ruth 3:18 (NLT)

O~ Naomi and Ruth are waiting to hear if Boaz is able to marry Ruth.  I’m sure every second felt like an hour to Ruth.

A~ Nothing develops patience more than having to be patient.  I feel like I’m Ruth, waiting at home.  God is like Boaz, working on all the details and settling things out.

I don’t really know what God is doing, but I do know it’s for my good.  But I’m sitting inside the house being patient, but I’m not really being patient.  I’m worried, I’m trying to fix things from the inside of the house when I really don’t know what’s going on.

I can tell because I’m eating a lot.  When my emotions are high and I’m overwhelmed with feelings, I eat.  Eating, instead of learning patience, DOES NOT WORK!

Running away doesn’t work either.

I need to sit in my metaphorical house and wait, to be patient (or learn patience).  God is like Boaz in the fact that He won’t rest until things are settled for me.

P~ God, I am sorry.  I confess that I let worry overtake me.  I do not rest in peace with You, I try to control situations when in truth, You have control.  I eat to manage my feelings instead of leaning into You.  God……help me be patient!


S~ The mind of human beings is hard to understand.  Psalm 64:6 (NCV)

O~ David is asking God for help with his enemies.  He says that he is afraid of them.  They plan wicked things.  They shoot out bitter words.  While hiding, they hurt innocent people.  They set traps. The above scripture, points towards David’s confusion in all of this.

A~ I am with David on this one.  The more people I am around, Christian or non-Christian, I find the mind of human beings hard to understand.  I sometimes find this with myself and my own mind.  I think even more so, it is hard to understand evil, if you are not an evil person in your soul.  I am a sinner; yet, I don’t take joy in people being terrified of me.  I don’t plot wicked things.  I try to not hurt anyone, even if I feel someone had done me wrong (I used to be more vengeful).  I have more important things to do, and want to make better use of my time, than spending it setting traps.  So, I too, am often confused, but not nearly as naïve as I once was, about the evil in the world.

My husband came home early from work the other day.  I was struggling with some issues from the past, and things had been somewhat tense between us.  He said, “I came home, because I could not concentrate at work.  You are hurting and that makes me hurt.  My marriage is in shambles.”  I gave him a funny look, because I had not gotten he impression that our marriage was in shambles.  It wasn’t always easy, nor was it always fun; but we are doing more now together than we have done in years.  We also are constructively working through more than we have in years.  I was baffled, because I had left a marriage that was in shambles before, and he honestly didn’t see the shambles.  In fact, after I left and listed off everything that was so very wrong with the marriage…..stuff I had tried, tried, and tried to tell him and get him to work through with me, prior to me leaving, his comment was, “It wasn’t that bad”.

I asked God to show me.  Why did he think it is in shambles now? I got revelation after revelation about the state that his mind was in before, when he was in the midst of his addiction.  As his sobriety progresses, his mind is becoming clearer.  As he deals with his emotions, many of which are a result of some dysfunction in his childhood, and starts to take responsibility for and put the work into his own healing; he is recognizing how icky healing can be.  Yet, we lived with the alternative, and that was just destructive.

He is now, with a clearer mind and help from a sponsor, realizing the full gravity of his behavior and actions.  That brings about a whole new set of icky emotions.  For me, I finally feel like there is substantial victory, over the evil that had a hold of his mind.  Not just with the addiction; but also with the stubbornness, the blindness, and the irrational processing that held his mind captive, because of the addiction.

I have the “luxury” of being surrounded by unhealthy minds my entire life….. in my childhood, in my career, and in my marriage.  These unhealthy minds have had various causes….an untreated personality disorders, an untreated mental illness,  untreated various addictions, etc.  I know my mind was not healthy when I was drinking too much.  Because my life has been so immersed with these types of minds, I can easily and often find that it has taken a toll on my mind.  Over the years, harsh words and unkind treatment directed at me and manipulation of me; has messed with my thinking.  Instead of me directing the evil that has invaded my mind, outward toward other people, I will internally direct it toward myself.  I think I am not good enough.  I think that God can not use me.  I think that I have not worked hard enough to enjoy something.  I think I am responsible for something that I am not.  All of which, are lies that come directly from the enemy.

I am much better at recognizing this.  I understand this is how he is working through the minds of others, to get into my mind.  I often have to either mentally repeat scripture in my head or physically open my Bible or get on the internet, to read His word and what He says about me.  I have to remember that His word is truth.  I have to know what He considers to be wise and go to Him for guidance.  For me, the the mind of an irrational, illogical, and stubborn human being is so hard to understand; when I am trying to be rational, logical, and flexible.  The enemy has often used people in this state to confuse me, which makes it easier for them to manipulate and take advantage of me.

I may not always understand the mind of a human being.  But in God’s upside down economy, having the blessing of being around some messed up minds, I have gotten way better at understanding how the enemy can use them for evil.  This better prepares me for spiritual warfare.

P~ Thank you God for giving me discernment.  Thank you for showing me where my responsibility begins and ends, in regards to my husband.  I can reassure him that our marriage is not in shambles, but he has to, in conjunction with you, work through the emotions brought about from his childhood, his addiction, and the destruction caused by his unwillingness to work through it before.  It is painful for me to see him hurting.  I know that you have him, and that the pain is necessary.  Please continue to work on the healing we need as individuals, a couple, a family, and in our finances.

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